• What kind of fresh air system is installed in KVT?

    Shenzhen Vtronic Technology Co., Ltd.Main products: vent fan,silent duct fan,greenhouse fan, ductwork booster,ductwork  fan, inline exhaust fan, bathroom  exhaust fan, silent fan, booster fan,tent fan.

    2019/01/03 金晓 44

  • What are the advantages of Vtronic wall-mounted new fan?

    From a development perspective, because there are more renovated homes than newly renovated homes, the owners of these homes usually buy air purifiers as a first step in dealing with these environmental problems, and then after using them for some time, they will find air purifiers. Ventilation and ventilation problems cannot be solved, and there is concern about insufficient oxygen in the room, an increase in carbon dioxide concentration, and the inflow of dirty air when the window is opened in a foggy day. Therefore, in the second step, many people will start buying wall-mounted fresh air products to further improve home air quality.

    2018/12/29 金晓 40

  • How to deal with "formaldehyde room"?

    In summary, the most convenient and effective 5-point aldehyde removal method under the current technical means is only one--long-term ventilation.

    2018/12/13 金晓 56

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