• Why Install Fresh Air System In Children's Room?

    There are five main ways that indoor environmental pollution can harm children,how can the decoration of children's rooms be effectively avoided?

    2020/03/27 金晓 6

  • How to improve office air quality?

    Vtronic Vents to Improve Air QualityUsually the air quality in the office is very poor. With so many people in such a small space, dirt, dust and other debris can really build up quickly – not to

    2020/03/26 金晓 8

  • How To Choose A Suitable Air Volume Fresh Air System?

    When choose fresh air, what brand of fresh air system to choose, and how to choose the amount of fresh air. These issues that everyone is most concerned about when considering installing fresh air.

    2020/03/24 金晓 8

  • TISI Certificate Audit Factory For Fresh Air Ventilators

    TISI Certificate Audit Factory For Fresh Air. Ventilators.For have a better and deeper cooperation with Thailand customers, VTRONIC planned to get the TISI certificate. The purpose of the audit is

    2020/03/23 金晓 2

  • What is the ventilation system?

    What is the ventilation system?Ventilation system is an independent air solution system, organized by air exhaust and air inlet, which can divide into “pipe type ventilation ” and “Without pipe ventilation”.

    2020/03/19 金晓 14

  • Why HEPA is effective weapon fighting against allergies to pollen, dust, hair and mold?

    Why HEPA is effective weapon fighting against allergies to pollen, dust, hair and mold?One of the most important elements of every Vtronic VT502 is the HEPA filter, which removes particles even several dozen times smaller than human hair

    2020/03/18 金晓 2

  • How to choose three types of fresh air system?

    How to choose three types of fresh air system: total heat, sensible heat and latent heat? Advantages and disadvantages?The air contains heat. In addition to heat, it also contains water vapor.

    2020/03/17 金晓 4

  • How It Works: Heat Recovery Ventilator

    VT501 is ideal for tight, moisture-prone homes because they replace the humid air with dry, fresh air. In climates with excessive outdoor humidity, an energy-recovery ventilator is more suitable.

    2020/03/16 金晓 4

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