• Does the hospital need the ventilation fan?

    The ventilation fan plays an important role in hospital buildings and is of great significance for indoor air quality, odor removal, patient rehabilitation, and reduction of cross-infection.

    2019/02/18 金晓

  • Method for Solving Noise of ventilation fan

    With the popularization of ventilation fan, people pay more and more attention to it. A few days ago, someone asked, will the ventilation fan produce noise when it is running?

    2019/02/16 金晓

  • Can the greenhouse fan in addition to formaldehyde?

    Answer: Specifically, the fresh air fan cannot " remove" formaldehyde, but it can exhaust indoor formaldehyde through ventilation to reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air.

    2019/02/15 金晓

  • How to choose a fresh air fan?

    The fresh air fan belongs to external circulation. The fresh air greenhouse fan introduces outdoor air into the room and then discharges indoor dirty air out of the room through micro positive pressure, positive pressure and negative pressure.

    2019/02/14 金晓

  • What are the benefits of installing a wall-mounted fans?

    The wall-mounted fan does not need to be equipped with pipelines, occupies a small space of the whole house

    2019/02/13 金晓

  • What is a ductless fresh air system?

    In recent years, the ductless fresh air system(vent fan,silent duct fan,greenhouse fan) has become increasingly popular and has received widespread attention.

    2019/02/13 金晓

  • what is the fresh air system?

    Many people also want to know which is better, air purifier or greenhouse fan and bathroom exhaust fan.

    2019/02/12 金晓

  • Are you still struggling: installing fresh air system or air purifier?

    Fresh air system and air purifier are useful " weapons" to solve the problem of domestic air quality. However, many users reflect on the love network, they are still confused and do not know which one to choose.

    2019/01/26 金晓

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