• Bangkok RHVAC 2019

    Bangkok RHVAC 2019Event Date: Sep 25-28, 2019Event Venue: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Hall 98 - 100Booth No.:  W27

    2019/07/22 金晓 38

  • The difference between VT260 ventilation and aerating?

    The VT260 for a healthy indoor climate is to ventilate to make sure we get a continuous supply of oxygen-rich air. VT260 Ventilation can be made to occur either by way of grilles in the walls or the doors and windows or by way of a ventilation system.

    2019/06/15 金晓 46

  • Should I get a single room heat recovery unit?

    Single room heat recovery units tend to be more efficient than traditional extract ventilation systems, but are not as complex to install as the centralised packaged units that you tend to have for the whole building.

    2019/04/09 金晓 125

  • 1min to Know What is the Ventilation System

    Some people think they can use the exhaust fan for ventilation. Let’s see some disadvantages of the exhaust fan for ventilation.

    2019/04/08 金晓 38

  • How to use the HEPA air filter box to remove the PM2.5?

    The smog pm2.5 has become the focus of social attention in the past two years.PM2.5 is small particle and contains a mass of toxic and harmful substances, which have a great impact on human health.The air purifier has a good purifying effect on pm2.5 and can effectively filter the pollutants in the air.Now we’re introducing Vtronic HEPA filter box how to clear the air?

    2019/03/28 金晓 72

  • How about the ventilation fan in addition to formaldehyde?

    Why does the ventilation fan remove formaldehyde? In fact, it should not be called “except” formaldehyde, but it should be used to purify formaldehyde.

    2019/02/25 金晓 77

  • ventilation fan can prevent colds

    There is a system in ventilation fan called the heat exchange system. When the window is closed, the wind coming in from the outdoor air duct through the ventilation fan will be heated by the heat exchange system to heat the air into the room;

    2019/02/23 金晓 54

  • What are the advantages of ventilation fan?

    In recent years, indoor air purification equipment on the market has been selling well. Following the air purifier, household ventilation fan with air purification and ventilation and ventilation functions (such as silent duct fans, wall-type fans, wall-mounted fans) .

    2019/02/22 金晓 60

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