• The role of fresh air system installed in the office

    The office is a place where people gather. It is natural to deliver fresh and clean air. Therefore, the office fresh air system is especially important.First of all, we need to understand what a "fresh air system" is.

    2020/08/20 金晓 3

  • Silent duct fan solves noise problems

    How to solve the noise problem of the fresh air system There are two main noise sources in the fresh air system, one is the noise of the fresh air main engine itself, and the other is the noise a

    2020/07/21 金晓 5

  • Selection of fresh air system for different units

    The fresh air system can be divided into ceiling duct fresh air, cabinet fresh air, wall-mounted fresh air and window fresh air. So, for the size of different units, what type of fresh air system

    2020/07/17 金晓 2

  • Should I get a single room heat recovery unit?

    Single room heat recovery units tend to be more efficient than traditional extract ventilation systems, but are not as complex to install as the centralised packaged units that you tend to have for the whole building.

    2020/07/09 金晓 397

  • Where is the source of formaldehyde at home

    At present, there are more than 500 kinds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor air, among which there are more than 20 kinds of carcinogenic substances and more than 200 kinds of pathogenic

    2020/07/06 金晓 7

  • The difference between fresh air system and N95 respirator in filtering new coronavirus

    The global situation of new coronavirus is not optimistic. There are hundreds of thousands of confirmed cases every day, and the total number of deaths has reached more than 400000. However, many peop

    2020/06/23 金晓 9

  • The functions of fresh air system include purification, replacement and dilution

    The purification and ventilation of the fresh air system is an effective way to deal with the common indoor harmful substances.The three elements of healthy housing are: energy-saving peripheral prote

    2020/06/18 金晓 8

  • Correct use of indoor ventilation

    Fresh air system ventilation equipment - to force fresh air into the room and promote indoor air circulation. The fresh air system can not only replace the outdoor and indoor air when the window is closed,

    2020/06/16 金晓 2

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