• Where is the source of formaldehyde at home

    At present, there are more than 500 kinds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor air, among which there are more than 20 kinds of carcinogenic substances and more than 200 kinds of pathogenic

    2020/07/06 金晓 2

  • The difference between fresh air system and N95 respirator in filtering new coronavirus

    The global situation of new coronavirus is not optimistic. There are hundreds of thousands of confirmed cases every day, and the total number of deaths has reached more than 400000. However, many peop

    2020/06/23 金晓 6

  • The functions of fresh air system include purification, replacement and dilution

    The purification and ventilation of the fresh air system is an effective way to deal with the common indoor harmful substances.The three elements of healthy housing are: energy-saving peripheral prote

    2020/06/18 金晓 3

  • Correct use of indoor ventilation

    Fresh air system ventilation equipment - to force fresh air into the room and promote indoor air circulation. The fresh air system can not only replace the outdoor and indoor air when the window is closed,

    2020/06/16 金晓 1

  • Fresh air system for gym

    In recent years, with people's attention to health and fitness, more and more people choose gym as their health investment. However, many gyms are located in high-rise office buildings or basement

    2020/06/11 金晓 2

  • Seven benefits of using fresh air system in summer

    Do you still remember those summer days when air conditioning continued to live? When you went out for 5 minutes and sweated for 2 hours, the room was hot and humid, and you didn't want to leave t

    2020/06/02 金晓 7

  • Villa fresh air system selection

    Why does the villa have to consider the fresh air system?The floor of the villa is low and the green plant coverage is high. Unless it is built in a higher place, it will be easily blocked by the building and affect the indoor natural ventilation.

    2020/06/02 金晓 7

  • Zhong Nanshan Appeals to Care About School IAQ

    VTRONIC VT501 Wall Mounted HRV, special design for 30-50 square meter room, which can solve all these problems as mentioned above.

    2020/05/26 金晓 8

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