• Central air conditioning and fresh air system

    Many people have doubts about the functions of central air conditioning and fresh air system. The two have a lot in common: the air outlets are concealed at the top of the room. Its core functions are

    2021/05/28 金晓 18

  • Key points of fresh air system design

    Reasonable design of fresh air system is helpful to maximize the effect of fresh air system. Today, I'd like to talk about the main points of fresh air system design for your reference.The distanc

    2021/05/13 金晓 19

  • Purification technology of fresh air system

    Fresh air system is a popular indoor ventilation equipment in the market. It can not only realize the indoor and outdoor ventilation under the condition of closing windows, but also purify the air ent

    2021/03/26 金晓 13

  • Zhong Nanshan Appeals to Care About School IAQ

    VTRONIC VT501 Wall Mounted HRV, special design for 30-50 square meter room, which can solve all these problems as mentioned above.

    2021/03/17 金晓 26

  • Benefits of the development of fresh air system for our life

    In recent years, the word "fresh air system" has become the focus of public attention due to the rampant haze. Although we heard the word "fresh air system" for the first time, it

    2021/03/10 金晓 15

  • Healthy children need clean air to breathe

    Children need to breathe clean air. Their lungs are growing. Pound by pound, they absorb more air than adults.Check and replace the HVAC filter regularly. If you have vtronic fresh air unit, click the

    2021/02/23 金晓 12

  • Answers to questions about fresh air system knowledge (2)

    6. Can a central dust collector be used in the fresh air system room?If you like, the central vacuum device can also be used in the fresh air system room. There is no need to turn off the fresh air sy

    2021/01/21 金晓 9

  • Calculation method of exhaust air volume and fresh air volume

    Calculation method of fresh air volume IAccording to the number of people that can be accommodated in the room: (applicable to divided, multiple small rooms)Qm=N ×qmN-number of people; (the number of

    2021/01/12 金晓 22

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