• The difference between VT260 ventilation and aerating?

    The VT260 for a healthy indoor climate is to ventilate to make sure we get a continuous supply of oxygen-rich air. VT260 Ventilation can be made to occur either by way of grilles in the walls or the doors and windows or by way of a ventilation system.

    2019/06/15 金晓 46

  • How to use the HEPA air filter box to remove the PM2.5?

    The smog pm2.5 has become the focus of social attention in the past two years.PM2.5 is small particle and contains a mass of toxic and harmful substances, which have a great impact on human health.The air purifier has a good purifying effect on pm2.5 and can effectively filter the pollutants in the air.Now we’re introducing Vtronic HEPA filter box how to clear the air?

    2019/03/28 金晓 72

  • What are the advantages of the Vtronic ventilation fan?

    The production and research team of Shenzhen Vtronic ventilation fan is the current market situation. The introduction of ventilation fan products - wall-mounted fans and wall-type fans.

    2019/02/21 金晓 73

  • How about the wall-mounted fan?

    At present, there are two kinds of ventilation fan in China: one is centralized ventilation fan or central ventilation fan, and the other is decentralized ventilation fan or wall-mounted fresh air fan.

    2019/02/19 金晓 74

  • Does the hospital need the ventilation fan?

    The ventilation fan plays an important role in hospital buildings and is of great significance for indoor air quality, odor removal, patient rehabilitation, and reduction of cross-infection.

    2019/02/18 金晓 51

  • What are the benefits of installing a wall-mounted fans?

    The wall-mounted fan does not need to be equipped with pipelines, occupies a small space of the whole house

    2019/02/13 金晓 44

  • What is a ductless fresh air system?

    In recent years, the ductless fresh air system(vent fan,silent duct fan,greenhouse fan) has become increasingly popular and has received widespread attention.

    2019/02/13 金晓 40

  • Are you still struggling: installing fresh air system or air purifier?

    Fresh air system and air purifier are useful " weapons" to solve the problem of domestic air quality. However, many users reflect on the love network, they are still confused and do not know which one to choose.

    2019/01/26 金晓 46

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