• 1min to Know What is the Ventilation System

    Some people think they can use the exhaust fan for ventilation. Let’s see some disadvantages of the exhaust fan for ventilation.

    2019/04/08 金晓 87

  • ventilation fan can prevent colds

    There is a system in ventilation fan called the heat exchange system. When the window is closed, the wind coming in from the outdoor air duct through the ventilation fan will be heated by the heat exchange system to heat the air into the room;

    2019/02/23 金晓 70

  • duckless ventilation fan is Wall - mounted ventilation fan

    Wall-mounted fans and wall-type fans eliminate the need for layout ventilation ducts, and the overall footprint of the house is very small, which does not require a lot of engineering design, thus saving more time and space.

    2019/02/20 金晓 72

  • Method for Solving Noise of ventilation fan

    With the popularization of ventilation fan, people pay more and more attention to it. A few days ago, someone asked, will the ventilation fan produce noise when it is running?

    2019/02/16 金晓 79

  • what is the fresh air system?

    Many people also want to know which is better, air purifier or greenhouse fan and bathroom exhaust fan.

    2019/02/12 金晓 68

  • Enjoy fresh air without opening the window

    The fresh air system is a set of independent air handling system composed of air supply system and exhaust system.

    2019/01/25 金晓 58

  • How important is the home fresh air system?

    In fact, this surprise like my friend is not surprising. This is the reason why the awareness of fresh air is not strong, so many consumers of the Wall mounted fan are still in the stage of doubt. In fact, at this point, the state has already had a slight political problem with regard to environmental protection.

    2019/01/14 金晓 50

  • How to choose fresh air equipment

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    2019/01/04 金晓 55

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