What kind of fresh air system is installed in KVT?

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       Now KTV is more than a restaurant, everywhere, but the business is not very good. Some time ago, Xiaobian and a few friends went to report a middle room. After playing for 6 hours, there is no need for 100 pieces, and there is also a fruit plate. Even allowing us to bring things in, the lotus wine can be brought in, but once you play it, you don't want to go into the second time, because the air inside is very bad, except that you use air conditioning but do not use any fresh air replacement equipment. .

Wall-mounted fan VT-200S

       In fact, some bosses of entertainment venues are more eye-catching and will choose to install air purifiers, but friends who have played in entertainment venues know that although many entertainment venues have air purifiers installed, but for a long time, there will still be one The taste of second-hand smoke in stocks, why is this? Mainly because entertainment places generally drink while smoking, and only air conditioning is installed in the room, and air is not circulated. Take Want Want Entertainment as an example. Since his family used the wall-mounted  fan VT-200S, the business was hot.

       As we all know, the  fan is used to purify the air through a triple filter, which is a coarse filter to purify mosquitoes, dust, fine sand, etc. in the air; HEPA filter, which purifies the air, really pm3.5 substances and radioactive substances. There are two kinds of HEPA filters, one is paper filter and the other is aluminum filter. When aluminum filter is convenient for post-maintenance, just take the faucet and dry it, and paper. The filter screen is different. After a long time of use, it will rot. When the maintenance is used, only the filter screen can be replaced. The HE filter of the wall-type  fan uses the aluminum filter screen; there is also the activated carbon filter screen. In order to absorb the odor in the air and germs, toxic and hazardous gases. In addition, Vtronic wall-type new fan still uses the micro-positive pressure difference technology, so that the inhaled outdoor air forms a relatively high pressure in the room compared to the outdoor, and the indoor polluted air is discharged outside, such as formaldehyde, benzene, kitchen oil, ammonia. Wait.

Vtronic Wall mounted  exhibition Beijing


       People living and working in many cities in the south will find that many people often wear masks on buses, subways and trains, because after China’s reform and opening up, it has vigorously developed industries everywhere, while ignoring environmental pollution and air pollution. The reason is that the logging is too serious, and the quality of the air is not guaranteed. Therefore, people are now more and more aware that the reduction of vegetation, the deterioration of the air, and the ten-mile “smog” have caused great threat to their lives. There is also soot pollution in the kitchen life; second-hand smoke pollution caused by people's smoking habits.

Wall-mounted fan VT-502

       In this context, Shenzhen Vtronic Fresh Air System came into being, combining the use of artificial intelligence technology and BIM technology to realize the automation, intelligence and “green” of air replacement. These two technologies are mainly applied to the wall-type new fans and wall-mounted  fans of Shenzhen Vtronic, realizing remote control, so that the crowds after the 80s and 90s have never reduced their love for the elderly and children in the home during busy work. .

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