How to choose fresh air equipment

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       Many consumers always like to watch this advertisement when they are buying a fresh air system, instead of understanding how the air purification system works, and don't know what functions these air purification systems have. Many times consumers are stuck with some so-called experience or advertising in the use of air purifiers. In fact, the most important thing is to look at the actual performance, it is best to conduct field visits, the field test data shall prevail, and it is more reliable. We can look at our products, Vtronic brand, research and development, laboratory, production line, one-stop delivery.

Wall-mounted fan VT-502

Q: How is the effect of Vtronic's air purification  fans? Does the Wistron air purification system exceed the standard?

A: (The person who asked this question must have not understood the fresh air system, but it must have used the air purifier!) Our fresh air system can purify harmful substances such as odor, viruses and bacteria in the air like an air purifier, but purify it. The principle is purified by an activated carbon filter.

Q: Where are the manufacturers and head offices of Vtronic Air Purification Systems?

A: Vtronic Fresh Air System was acquired by Aussie Real Estate in Germany. It was built in Henghu Industrial Park, Dalang Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen. Its air purification effect is among the best in Shenzhen. It is impossible for many manufacturers in China to achieve the technology. .

Q: How to change the working time of Vtronic air purification  fan

A: 99% in addition to formaldehyde, 99% in addition to bacteria and other functions, has become a selling point of many air purifiers, but the laboratory test results, it is difficult to achieve this data in the family living environment, and our fresh air systems can be achieved The purification rate is as high as 98.5%. In recent years, with the increase of smog weather, air purifiers have become hot-selling home appliances. According to statistics, there are currently more than 200 air purification and fresh air system manufacturers in China, but there are very few enterprises that can eliminate such high efficiency as formaldehyde and PM2.5.

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Q: What is the reputation of the Flextronics Fresh Air System?

A: With the arrival of the traditional sales season of the home appliance industry, enterprises have released new products in advance to seize market opportunities. The air purification and fresh air system market is particularly outstanding. Recently, many companies have released relevant new products. Just after the company just announced the new products ready for sale, the domestic air monitoring agency announced that the technology of the domestic Flextronics fresh air system is a benchmark worthy of many new wind equipment companies, such as Vtronic's wall-mounted  fan VT-260S and wall-mounted fans.

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