How important is the home fresh air system?

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        Xiaobian had a friend some time ago because the weather suddenly became cold and caused a cold. After taking medicine for half a month, I have not recovered completely because he himself has sinusitis. The doctor suggested that he go back to the country for a week because The air in the country is relatively fresh. However, because of work reasons, Xiaobian friends can't do it according to the doctor. In addition, the smog in Shenzhen was serious during that time. Although he took a mask when he went to work, he returned the mask and took it off for a week. After that, I still didn't see any recovery. When I had a chance to talk to him about his cold and how the doctor told him how to do it, I recommend him later to try our company's wall-mounted music fan VT-260S, because even at home, you have to open the window to breathe. The same is affected by smog.

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        Later, he also thought about taking medicine for so much time, and he did not see any improvement, so he bought the wall-mounted music new fan VT-260S of our company with the psychological test and "give me face". Because I am a formal employee of Vtronic  I can also make a 20% discount on the purchase of the company in the nominal area. I will use more than 3,000 pieces.

       Since he used this kind of home fresh air system of Vtronic, he will close the door every day after going home from work, and then open the new fan. By the way, the mobile phone Bluetooth player is relaxing and the music is relaxing, and the wall-mounted music fan is relaxed. The music function is also very good for the user to relax. When I go to sleep at night, I will not be affected by the noise of the car outside because of the window opening, but interfere with sleep, so that after the sleep, it is also conducive to the recovery of the body. In this way, his cold is really good after a week. Therefore, I was happy to invite me to dinner. I said that I didn’t believe what I said at the time. He said that the cold that was not well eaten by medicine was actually “governed” by a new body outside the home.

Wall mounted music fan

       In fact, this surprise like my friend is not surprising. This is the reason why the awareness of fresh air is not strong, so many consumers of the fresh air system are still in the stage of doubt. In fact, at this point, the state has already had a slight political problem with regard to environmental protection. It is conceivable that the state attaches importance to environmental issues. Even if the state attaches importance to environmental issues, it shows that the country’s natural environment has been discovered. It's not as good as it used to be, so we can't use the previous natural environment thinking to look at the current air quality problem as a common person. Don't think that the air is still very good now, and feel that you are physically strong and do not need to install a home fresh air system. In fact, once you have a problem, you will not feel this way. A friend like Xiaobian is the best witness.

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