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      In recent years, air pollution has been deteriorating, and people's attention to indoor air quality has gradually increased.  Many people have bought air purifiers back home, and everyone is becoming more and more familiar with air purifiers.  However, there is actually another kind of air purification equipment that has not been popularized in people's lives, but it is often used in office areas and large shopping malls, and its advantages are beyond the reach of air purifiers. It is the fresh air system we are going to talk about today.  What do you know about the fresh air system?

fresh air system


What is the fresh air system?

 The fresh air system is a set of independent air handling system composed of air supply system and exhaust system.  It is mainly used in closed rooms to meet the needs of indoor air purification and ventilation.


 What are the functions and advantages of the fresh air system?

 1. Provide fresh air

 This is also the biggest difference and advantage between the fresh air system and the traditional air purifier. It can provide fresh air for the room 24 hours a day, even without opening windows.

 2, purify the air

 The fresh air system can carry out a series of filtration and purification of air in the process of air intake, and can also discharge indoor peculiar smell, harmful gas, particulate matter and other substances, thus playing a role in purifying indoor air.  Avoid breeding bacteria and mildew of clothes, prevent users from contracting air conditioning diseases, and is beneficial to human health.

 3. Recover indoor temperature and humidity

 The fresh air system can recover the energy in the outdoor air and reduce the loss of heat and cold sources in winter and summer.  Therefore, fresh air system is usually used together with air conditioner, which can also reduce energy consumption.

fresh air system

 4. Low noise

 People living in the street are usually noisy when opening the window. The use of fresh air system can reduce the window opening frequency and indirectly reduce the noise.  At the same time, the fresh air system itself makes less noise when running, so using the fresh air system can make the home environment quieter and more comfortable.

greenhouse fan


 Which places need to install fresh air system?

 Fresh air systems need to be installed in public places that are usually crowded and closed, such as KTV, Internet cafes, large shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals and other places.  In addition, it is also necessary to install household greenhouse fan in large spaces such as apartments, villas, baby houses or households with high air quality requirements.

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