How to install fresh air system?

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Air and water are essential elements in life.  Today, the air quality is not as good as before.  Therefore, the installation volume of domestic decoration fresh air system is also increasing year by year.  Especially in areas with heavy smog, families with old people and children, as well as some people sensitive to air quality, enjoy fresh air under the protection of home decoration and fresh air system.

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 Fresh air system can replace air purifier.

The main purpose of air purifier is to purify indoor air.  During use, the original air in the room is always purified and there is no fresh air exchange.  However, the fresh air system is different.  During use, the fresh air system can pump outdoor fresh air and filter it into indoor fresh air, effectively increasing the oxygen concentration.  Fresh air system has purifying effect when exchanging indoor and outdoor air.

 Let's take formaldehyde as an example.  The purifier can filter harmful substances in the air, such as PM2.5, but it has no effect except formaldehyde.  In contrast, fresh air exchanges indoor and outdoor air, so indoor formaldehyde can be discharged outdoors, thus playing a certain role in diluting formaldehyde, but it is not feasible to expect fresh air to completely remove formaldehyde.  Besides formaldehyde, the most effective method is to open the windows for ventilation for a long time and to plant more green plants indoors.  Newly decorated houses must be naturally ventilated and kept dry for three to four months before moving in.

 How to choose a fresh air system?

 Under normal circumstances, major brands of fresh air dealers will send professional designers to the on-site measurement room, and professional installers will install the system on site after determining the system plan.  However, the quality of staff in Singapore Airlines is uneven. Users should have full confidence in fresh air equipment so as not to be fooled.

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 Install fresh air system

 The fresh air system requires drilling and piping, so the installation is best done after wall renovation or removal.  If it is a hardcover room, it is not suitable to install fresh air system because the suspended ceiling must be removed and the overall decoration effect cannot be compensated.  It is worth reminding that stamping is especially important.  We must communicate with the property.  It is absolutely impossible to drill holes in bearing walls and beams.  If the structure is very light, it may damage the structure. If the structure is very heavy, it may encounter problems and compensate tens of thousands of yuan.

 T - type tee and 90 - degree elbow are the most taboo in the pipeline, which will seriously damage the air volume.  Generally, the main pipe shall use 160 or 110 bends, the branch pipe shall use 110 or 75, or two 45 pipes shall be used to form 90 bends.

 45 pipes ( hard pipes ) or hoses can be used directly.


 The layout of tuyere position is a very important link.  If the distance between the outdoor air supply outlet and the air return outlet is too small, dirty air discharged from the room will be reintroduced into the room ( airflow short circuit ).  It is better to arrange the air supply outlet and the air return outlet on different wall surfaces to more effectively prevent air flow short circuit.  If conditions are limited, the air supply outlet and the air return outlet are located on the same wall surface with a spacing of at least 2 meters.

 Solutions for Fresh Air Inlet and Outlet in Basement


 During installation, the main engine of the new fan should be placed on the ceiling of the kitchen or toilet.  This is because the fan will make some noise when working, especially in the powerful gear, so it is far away from the rest area.  Moreover, in most cases, fans need to occupy a certain height.  If it is placed in a kitchen or toilet whose function is far higher than the aesthetic value, if the ceiling is slightly shorter, the effect is not great.

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 It is best not to reserve air outlets in toilets and kitchens.  Although fresh air fans are sometimes installed on the ceilings of kitchens and bathrooms, it is not necessary to cover the kitchens and bathrooms because they need separate ventilation systems.  The most important thing is that the air inlet of the fresh air equipment must be far away from the air outlet of the gas water heater and the air outlet of the range hood, otherwise the fresh air system will suck in all " waste gas"!

 Operation and Maintenance of Fresh Air System

 The fresh air fan will not be installed for life. The filter screen needs to be replaced or cleaned regularly. The high-efficiency filter screen can only be replaced if it cannot be cleaned.  The general filter screen can be operated according to the manufacturer.

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