Are you still struggling: installing fresh air system or air purifier?

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       Fresh air system and air purifier are useful " weapons" to solve the problem of domestic air quality.  However, many users reflect on the love network, they are still confused and do not know which one to choose.  Today, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me.

       The fresh air system is an air circulation treatment system composed of ventilators and pipelines.  Its main function is to filter, purify and transport outdoor fresh air into the room through pipelines, dilute indoor carbon dioxide content, improve indoor oxygen content, discharge indoor dirty air out of the room, and keep indoor air fresh.

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       Air purifier is an internal circulation system that can purify and disinfect air by filtering or absorbing dirt and bacteria in the air in an enclosed space, but cannot provide fresh air.Some people may be puzzled: how to choose air purifier and fresh air?  Either way, or.  Strictly speaking, the choice of installing fresh air system or air purifier at home depends on the specific situation.

       If your home is new, it has not been decorated yet.  Then, select the fresh air system.  This is because it is a systematic project that requires beams, wall holes and pipes.  Of course, the fresh air system will be considered during the renovation.  The installation of fresh air system needs to be carried out at the same time as the decoration, so there is basically no need to worry after installation.

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       If it is an old house, the family has already been decorated.  Then, it is unrealistic and beautiful to install an ordinary fresh air system.  At this time, you can choose a new wall-mounted fan ( punching holes in the wall ) orgreenhouse fan( installing window frames ), which is both cheap and convenient.  In this case, you may need to install it in each room.  Therefore, the living room and bedroom are both equipped with new fans, or the living room is equipped with air purifier, and the bedroom is equipped with new fans, which can be used in combination.

       Generally speaking, it is best to install it before decoration, with the best effect and high cost.  Note: If the floor height of the house is too low, please use it carefully!  Fresh air is easy to install, use and clean.  If you do not want to destroy your home environment and enjoy a high-quality living environment, you can selectively install window or wall-mounted fresh air.

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       The choice of fresh air and air purifier is mainly based on the needs of users' living environment.  However, Xiao Bian still suggests that some families with serious air pollution should choose Nokes Sentai fresh air purification system.  After all, body is the most important thing.  In front of health, everything is floating clouds.

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