what is the fresh air system?

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       First of all, what is the fresh air system?  The fresh air system sends outdoor air into the room through the fresh air unit, fresh air pipes and tuyeres, and then discharges indoor air out of the room through tuyeres, exhaust pipes and fans.  In short, the main function of the fresh air system is to exchange air in two ways and one way.  Two - way is sending and sending, one-way sending but not sending.

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       Before the smog came, people did not pay enough attention to the fresh air system, but some places must be installed.  Office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, casinos.  The place where these people are concentrated has a high demand for fresh air.  Casino is actually the first place to use air quality system.  It not only has fresh air, but also adopts advanced filtration system, oxygen ion balance system and total- heat exchange inside the fresh air system.  Casino air system is relatively high, and the cost of using various air quality sensors alone is relatively high.  Why are casinos willing to spend so much money?  Because the casino is relatively closed, it is necessary to keep the guests and let so many people breathe in one area with sufficient oxygen and little carbon dioxide.  Therefore, an advanced fresh air purification system is required.  A casino invests nearly 10 million yuan per year.

       Starting from 2010, fresh air system manufacturers began to move closer to the civil market, because the smoke was too severe, everyone began to realize the problem of domestic air quality.  At that time, a Fudan professor was working on DIY fresh air system and did a good job of filtering everything.  Then he used it for more than ten years without opening the window.  After this case came out, many people began to flock to DIY fresh air system, and gradually everyone began to pay attention to this matter.

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        Many people also want to know which is better, air purifier or greenhouse fan Air purifier can be used to purify air, but its disadvantage is that it is internal circulation and cannot solve the fundamental problem.  People feel bored or unable to cope, so they begin to pay attention to the fresh air system.  Now in China, if you want to have good air in your home, fresh air system is the first choice, but the premise must be that the filtration level must be higher than the European standard F9.  The second must undergo heat exchange.  If conditions permit, you must choose to import full heat exchange.  The third is a wall-mounted or inlet pipe.  Ordinary PVC pipes have taste, which is easy to cause secondary pollution and difficult to clean.

        If there are pregnant women, newborns or the elderly in the home, it is recommended to install a fresh air system.  The villa is equipped with fresh air for the whole house, and the apartment is equipped with wall-mounted fresh air purifier, which is suitable for single rooms.  The smoke is actually very serious.  We are all Q, but pregnant women, children and the elderly must become important objects of protection.

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