What is a ductless fresh air system?

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In recent years, the ductless fresh air system has become increasingly popular and has received widespread attention. What kind of ductless fresh air system are they? Shenzhen Vtronic Fresh Air System eliminates your doubts one by one here.

First of all, what is a ductless fresh air system?

The ductless fresh air system can also be called a wall-mounted fresh air system and a wall-type fresh air system. The ductless fresh air system is not really without pipes. It is different from a central fresh air system with a large number of pipes. Compared to the ductless fresh air system, ducts used in ductless fresh air systems are almost negligible. There is no pipeline fresh air system, fresh air main unit and outdoor connection, fresh air main unit and indoor air supply port still need pipeline connection.

Recognize the classification of ductless fresh air systems. The common ductless fresh air systems on the market can be divided into two types: wall-mounted fresh air systems and wall-type fresh air systems.

The wall fresh air system uses a new air without a pipeline. By forcing the exhaust, the room reaches a negative pressure state, and the outdoor air enters the room through the wall air inlet. This is an ideal condition for outdoor air to enter through a wall ventilator. However, if the house is not closed, the outdoor air will enter the room through gaps such as doors and windows, so filtering pm2.5 will become empty talk. Therefore, many people believe that the negative pressure fresh air system is suitable for environments that do not filter pm2.5, to promote air circulation and discharge dirty air inside the room.

The wall-mounted fresh air system is a two-way flow of slightly positive fresh air that supplies fresh air while venting air. When the two pass through the heat exchange core, the energy (temperature) is diverted so that there is no significant temperature difference between the fresh air entering the room. Implemented the function of filtering pm2.5.

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Of course, the ductless fresh air system has its advantages:

1. Easy to install. Decorative houses can also be equipped with a common centralized fresh air system. Due to the need to lay air ducts in each room, it can only be completed during the new renovation period. In this way, the ugly air tube can be sealed with a ceiling plasterboard or buried under the floor with a floor heater. This construction project is quite complicated. It is inevitable to make 20 holes in the wall of the house, and the construction period is also very long. The ductless fresh air system does not require pipes to be laid indoors, but only one or two wall holes need to be opened on the outer wall. A ductless fresh air system, such as a radiator, can introduce outdoor fresh air, discharge indoor dirty air, and complete the fresh air ventilation function. Just like a split-type air conditioner, it is easy to install a decorated home.

2. Saving indoor space Because there is no air duct, the air duct of the centralized fresh air system does not occupy the space under the ceiling or under the floor.Only machine space similar to a heat sink needs to protrude on the wall surface. Relatively speaking, the space occupied by the indoor space is small, and the space occupied by the pipeline is released. You know, this price is not a joke.

3. Each room is independently controlled, with high flexibility and power saving.There are energy consumption problems in the operation of the fresh air system. The fresh air system without pipes is to install multiple fresh air devices in different rooms, which are responsible for the fresh air functions of different rooms. So you can turn off the machine or study in the living room, just turn on the fresh air in the bedroom at night. In addition, in the centralized fresh air system, once the machine fails, the entire family's fresh air will be destroyed, while the fresh air system is not bright, the east is not bright, the west is bright, and it has higher flexibility.

In addition, ductless ducts also mean lower pressure drop losses and lower air leak rates. In this way, the power of the fan can be reduced, noise can be reduced, and power can be saved.

4. The centralized fresh air system is easy to maintain.After several years of use, dust will definitely accumulate in the pipeline, causing secondary pollution and requiring regular cleaning. For wall-mounted machines, fresh air is not contaminated by dirty air ducts that are difficult to clean and is always hygienic.

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However, when choosing a ductless fresh air system, you should also pay attention to the following issues:

1. The cost is slightly higher

Due to the need to install two or more machines at home, the investment cost will be higher than the centralized fresh air system of one machine.

2. Pay attention to noise

Because the installation is usually installed on the walls of the bedroom and children's room, the requirement for silence is higher. At present, the noise parameters on commercial promotional materials are for reference only, but the salesperson should personally listen to their hearings so that the salesperson can drive the machine to the maximum position.

3, the choice of heat exchange function

Concentrating the fresh air system, indoor and outdoor air heat exchange functions are standard, but from a cost perspective, some ductless fresh air systems can eliminate this function. The south is hot and humid. A full heat exchange system must be installed if conditions permit. It not only saves electricity costs for air conditioning, but also solves the damp and musty smell of the house. In places with central heating in the north, one-way air supply can also be used.

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