What are the benefits of installing a wall-mounted fans?

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1. Save indoor space

The wall-mounted fan does not need to be equipped with pipelines, occupies a small space of the whole house, does not affect the floor height, saves more space, and only needs to leave wall-mounted air conditioning walls outside.  Compared with a centralized fresh air system which needs to lay pipes on the ceiling and occupies a large amount of space, a wall-mounted fresh air system can occupy a small amount of space.  Most importantly, in this big city, we can make full use of the space in the house.

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2. Easy installation

Centralized fresh air system requires laying pipes in each room, usually before the house is decorated.  Hiding dense air ducts above the ceiling or below the floor is inevitable, and dozens or 20 holes are formed in the wall.  However, the wall-mounted fan system does not need to lay pipes, and only needs to drill an air inlet hole on the outer wall to introduce outdoor fresh air into the room and discharge indoor dirty air.  This machine is like installing an independent air conditioner.  The decorated house can be installed without damaging the decoration.

3. High flexibility

There is energy consumption problem in the operation of fresh air system.  The wall-mounted fan system without pipes is installed in different rooms and is responsible for the fresh air function of different rooms.  When resting at night, the equipment in the living room or study can be closed, and only the equipment in the bedroom can be opened, thus saving energy consumption.  However, the central fresh air system with pipelines cannot be used alone, which is easy to cause waste of resources.

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4.Easy maintenance in the fourth and later stages

After the centralized fresh air system is used for a period of time, dust will accumulate in the pipes and professionals are required to clean it to avoid secondary pollution.  On the other hand, wall-mounted fresh air systems are different.  After a period of use, only the filter screen needs to be replaced.  It can easily replace the filter screen by itself without looking for a professional to visit, thus saving costs.  The replacement time of different filters is also different.  F7 filter screen of wall-mounted fresh air system is installed every six months.

Compared with centralized fresh air system, wall-mounted fresh air system has low cost and convenient installation, and more families can easily accept and enjoy fresh and clean indoor air.

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