How to choose a fresh air fan?

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The following issues need to be considered when installing the fresh air system:

1. Purification effect

The fresh air fan belongs to external circulation.  The fresh air greenhouse fan introduces outdoor air into the room and then discharges indoor dirty air out of the room through micro positive pressure, positive pressure and negative pressure.

In general, traditional fresh air fan can only filter out large particles and hairs in the air, such as heavy metals and pm2.5 in the air, and cannot filter in large quantities.  According to this analysis, the traditional fresh air fan can only reach a simple air delivery mode, but at present there is a kind of fresh air in the market, the cleanliness of which reaches a certain standard, and the purification effect of clean fresh air fan  is better than that of traditional fresh air.

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2. Use cost

Of course, the main purpose of installing fresh air is the use effect, but in the use process, the use cost is also very important.  The filter in traditional fresh air fan needs to be replaced directly, and the cost of consumables is high.  If it is not replaced in time, it will cause certain pollution.  However, the fresh air fan is different.  Consumables for fresh air fan cleaning are basically zero in cost, one-time investment and life-long use. If you choose good products, you can also reduce the use cost of other household appliances, such as air conditioning, floor heating and other equipment.

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3. carbon dioxide monitoring

Close the doors and windows, the indoor air circulates repeatedly, the carbon dioxide concentration is too high, resulting in the reduction of oxygen content in blood, blood circulation, chest tightness and headache.  These are all symptoms of hypoxia.  Only when the indoor air contains enough oxygen can a series of diseases be prevented.  General traditional fresh air fan does not have carbon dioxide content monitoring, but clean fresh air is equipped with a carbon dioxide monitor, when the indoor carbon dioxide concentration is too high, the equipment will automatically adjust to increase the indoor oxygen content.

In fact, no matter how many items are chosen, they are not as good as one: purifying effect.  Only when a certain purification effect is achieved can our equipment be effectively used.

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