Does the hospital need the ventilation fan?

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The hospital's air environment is very complex and worrying:

1. The closed environment of the hospital is very conducive to the generation, reproduction, spread and variation of pathogenic bacteria and other microorganisms, which can easily cause cross infection.

2. The turnover rate of personnel is high. The human body constantly removes bacteria from the respiratory tract, digestive tract, skin, hair, and the like. Influenza viruses, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Streptococcus, formaldehyde, feces and other biological pollutants are discharged from coughing and sneezing.

3. The excretions and secretions of patients carrying bacteria contain a large amount of microorganisms, which are scattered and scattered into the air after drying, causing serious pollution.

4. Medical waste emits an unpleasant odor, carrying disinfectants, waste drugs, used gauze bandages and treated specimens.

5. Dust, smoke, car exhaust and factory pollution from outside.

6. The smell of consumption from a clean hospital.

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The impact of hospital air pollution:

1. Cross-infection refers to mutual infection between patients in a medical unit. Since the hospital receives a variety of patients every day, from a medical point of view, each patient can be considered as a center of aggregation and scattering of various pathogens. There are many kinds of highly pathogenic bacteria floating in the air of hospitals. There is a large amount of circulating gas in an air-conditioned environment, not only for patients, but also for medical staff and accompanying family members who work long hours in hospitals because they are exposed to such environments for a long time. They can become carriers of pathogens anytime, anywhere and are threatened by cross-contamination. Especially those who receive medical treatment and radiotherapy, because their immunity is greatly reduced, they will be first infected by the hospital air, and will be affected by hepatitis B, influenza, SARS, bacterial dysentery, H1N1 (influenza A), sepsis The impact of diseases, therefore, the hospital is not only a place to treat diseases, but also a place for potential infectious diseases. It is especially important to establish a scientific and sound ventilation system for hospitals.

2. Comfort determines the level of the hospital, and the oxygen and fresh air content determines the patient's recovery rate. The hospital has a large number of patients, a variety of diseases and complex infection factors. Therefore, hospital infection management, disinfection and sterilization is very difficult, indoor air quality is poor, and the air contains high concentrations of bacteria and pollutants. It poses a huge threat to the rehabilitation of patients and the health of medical staff. General operating room, delivery room, baby room, burn ward and other hospitals are secondary

3. Large precision instruments are susceptible to air pollution and reduce accuracy.

4. Special wards require higher air quality, such as operating room, delivery room, baby room, premature babies, supply room aseptic area, burn ward, intensive care unit and patient rehabilitation unit.

Traditional ventilation has high energy consumption, poor purification effect, and disordered airflow organization:

In order to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature, modern buildings are mostly sealed. You can open fewer and fewer doors and windows. In addition to the popularity of large air conditioners, indoor air circulation is poor and air quality is poor. Therefore, people open windows for ventilation and consume a lot of air conditioning energy to breathe fresh air every day. They can't heat or breathe indoors. The air conditioner must be turned on during the transition season. The large use of central air conditioning due to the inability to discharge indoor heat is an important cause of high energy consumption in buildings.

The effectiveness of the  ventilation fan depends on the filtration technology. The purification effect is only ensured when the fresh air is completely clean. Some fresh air products are poorly manufactured and use low cost filters, resulting in poor filtration and ineffective removal of contaminants such as PM2.5. Airflow organization determines the final result to some extent. Even if your product is very energy efficient and has good filtration, it is far from effective if the airflow organization cannot be properly designed. Only a reasonable direction of airflow can effectively transport contaminants to the outside.

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After the hospital uses the ventilation fan, it has the following advantages:

1. Scientific airflow organization, perfect fresh air and  ventilation fan setting, scientific professional ventilation layout, strict and orderly, fixed air circulation, backflow and turbulence, effectively preventing cross-contamination.

2. Reduce economic losses, full heat exchange function, reduce energy loss, energy saving rate as high as 50-75%. The savings in operating costs can restore all incremental investments before the system in 2-4 years and generate significant profits in the later stages.

3. Efficient cleaning effect, medical filtration technology, effective removal of PM2.5, combined with medical clean room technology, discharge various indoor pollutants. Strictly implement national standard design requirements, independently set and operate indoor ventilation, fresh air purification supply, fresh air and exhaust.

4. Intelligent management system. The system will automatically adjust the air volume according to the indoor air quality, and automatically run, so that the indoor air quality is always in good condition.

5. The impact on the status quo and image of the industry. Hospitals also face competition from peers in medical sources. In addition to superb technology and advanced facilities, high-quality, high-quality medical environment has become an important selection criterion for medical practitioners.

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