How about the wall-mounted fan?

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At present, there are two kinds of ventilation fan in China: one is centralized ventilation fan or central ventilation fan, and the other is decentralized ventilation fan or wall-mounted fresh air fan.  As the name implies, distributed equipment means that the equipment is distributed in various rooms and processed separately.  Therefore, multiple machines may be required in a house to achieve the desired air quality.

However, the wall-mounted fan can be installed on the wall without arranging pipes and is not affected by environment, location and other conditions.  It is also convenient for later maintenance and repair, and can quickly meet the needs of indoor air replacement and purification.  Only one vent can be installed on the wall, which is simple and convenient to install.  Therefore, the overall cost and energy consumption are relatively low, and more and more domestic buyers in recent years.

 The following are some wall-mounted fan products with good feedback for readers' reference:

 Brand: founded by Vtronic  

 Model: VT-200S

 Features: Formaldehyde Release, Ventilation and Heat Exchange

the wall-mounted fan VT-200S

 Reference price: 4000 yuan

 User evaluation: I hesitated when I bought it, but after I bought it, I didn't think it would be a surprise.  Completely silent operation, open at night will not noisy.  The purification effect is very good, reaching 99.9% after testing.  I am still afraid of PM2.5 and formaldehyde.  I need not worry about these problems any more.  This new fan helped me solve everything.  Oh, and super power saving.

 Brand: founded by Vtronic  

 Model: VT-260S

 Features: Full heat exchange, high efficiency purification, intelligent control

the wall-mounted fan VT-260S

 Reference price: 5000 yuan

 User evaluation: I hesitated for a long time when buying, after all, it is a little expensive.  Before I used them, I didn't know every point was worth it.  The operation is quite quiet in sleep mode, and the mobile phone APP control is very good.  The effect is very good.  The air is very fresh after use.  The detector significantly reduced formaldehyde and 2.5, nearly 0. Any money can be saved, and healthy money can never be saved.

 Brand: founded by Vtronic  

 Model: VT-501

 Features: Intelligent mode, filtering PM2.5, purifying formaldehyde

the wall-mounted fan VT-501

 Reference price: 1999 yuan

 User evaluation: Bedroom is close to the road and noisy.  The room was stuffy when the window was closed.  Fortunately, I have enough wisdom to buy a new fan and shut the window properly to sleep.  It's not stuffy at all.  It feels like being bathed in nature and comfortable.  The cost performance is very high and the noise is very low.  After a while, my husband also did a special test.  The new house we just renovated has no formaldehyde.

 Brand: founded by Vtronic  

 Model: VT-502

 Features: Balance the temperature difference between defogging, aldehyde removal and heat recovery.

the wall-mounted fan VT-502

 Reference price: 1599 yuan

 User evaluation: I have been considering whether to buy a new fan.  I went to Zhihu Tieba and decided to buy a new fan.  In fact, as expected, the air in the home after purchasing and installing the fresh air fan is almost different from the day before yesterday, which can be said to be brand new.  After testing equipment, the PM2.5 at the air outlet was found to be 0. This was a great surprise.  This is not very good.

 Brand: founded by Vtronic  

 Model: VT-503

 Features: High Efficiency Purification, Intelligent Electric Heating, in addition to formaldehyde

the wall-mounted fan VT-503

 Reference price: 2999 yuan

 User evaluation: It takes several days to evaluate it, which is great.  It is necessary to clean the air better because it is installed in the children's room.  However, this new fan did not disappoint me.  The noise of the machine can be completely ignored.  In order to test the quality of this machine, I also bought an air quality tester.  After testing, it was found that the air quality in the room rose in a straight line.

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