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Air pollution makes people aware of the importance of air, and installing air purification devices for homes has become the first solution that people think of. With the rapid development of geography and economy, the severity of air pollution in China far exceeds that of foreign countries. Air purifiers are gradually unable to meet demand, are not effectively ventilated, and have limited space to use. Therefore, people are gradually turning their attention to the intelligent "new air system."

Harm of Polluted Indoor Air to Human Body

Theventilation fan integrates ventilation and air purification into the ideal solution. However, due to the high cost, complicated installation process, heavy workload, complicated maintenance and restrictions on installing only ventilation fans before the house is renovated, it is extremely difficult to promote the ventilation fan. With the continuous improvement and innovation of technology, the unregulated fresh air system came out. It can only be installed by drilling holes in the wall, purifying and introducing outdoor air, through the gap between the doors and windows or through the micro-positive pressure to discharge the dirty air inside the room, thus forming an effective air circulation room indoors and outdoors, working continuously for 24 hours.

Indoor Layout of duck Fan

What are the benefits of unmanaged fresh wind?

duckless fan

easy installation

Ordinary ventilation fan require air ducts for each room, which can only be done during new renovations, so ugly air tubes can be sealed with ceiling plasterboard or buried under the floor with floor insulation. This kind of construction project is more complicated, 20 holes on the wall of the house are inevitable, and the construction period is also longer. Wall-mounted fans and wall-type fans do not need to lay pipes indoors. They only need to open holes in the outer wall, introduce outdoor fresh air, and discharge indoor dirty air to complete the fresh air ventilation function. Just like a split-type air conditioner, it is easy to install a decorated home.

Save indoor space

Wall-mounted fans and wall-type fans eliminate the need for layout ventilation ducts, and the overall footprint of the house is very small, which does not require a lot of engineering design, thus saving more time and space. Only very small rectangular panels need to leak from the wall and do not take up any space in the room. You know, this price is not a joke.

High flexibility and power saving

There are energy consumption problems in the operation of the fresh air system, while the wall-mounted fan and the wall-type fan are installed in a number of fresh air devices in different rooms, which are responsible for the fresh air function of different rooms. So you can turn off the machine or study in the living room, just turn on the fresh air in the bedroom at night. In addition, in the central fresh air system, once the machine fails, the entire family will stop the fresh air, while the ductless ventilation fan has more flexibility.

Easy to maintain

Compared with pipeline fans, after several years of use, the dust in the pipeline will definitely accumulate, causing the risk of secondary pollution, which requires regular cleaning. Fresh air in wall-mounted fans and wall-type new fans does not have this concern because there are no pipes. It is more convenient to replace the filter. You can replace it directly. It only takes a few minutes. There is no need to ask professionals to maintain it, which reduces costs and saves more trouble!

duckless fan

The air purifier can only purify the indoor pm2.5, and can not achieve the true effect of purifying the air. Air pollution comes from two sources. One is outdoor pm2.5, the other is indoor pollution, such as formaldehyde benzene xylene released from the floor, wooden doors, curtains and furniture, sputum and ammonia released from the wall, and harmful gases such as carbon dioxide released after people consume oxygen. The best way to improve it is to use the Shenzhen Vtronic ventilation fan. The system inhales fresh outdoor air, filters it and enters the room to ensure the indoor oxygen content. At the same time, the relatively polluted air is discharged to achieve fresh circulation of fresh air in the room, breathing new and old assimilation, and breathing clean and oxygen-rich with the family.

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