What are the advantages of the Vtronic ventilation fan?

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Pipeline fans are currently outdated in the market, because of the need to lay out the pipeline, the installation is troublesome, the maintenance cost is large, and it is not suitable for the best choice of Chinese consumers' new air system. The production and research team of Shenzhen Vtronic ventilation fan is the current market situation. The introduction of ventilation fan products - wall-mounted fans and wall-type fans, both of which do not require layout piping, heat exchange function, and air purification capacity is not worse than the pipeline fan.

Ventilation fan

1.Wall-mounted fan is easy to install and more suitable for house decoration.

The wall-mounted fan does not need to be hung on the ceiling of the room ( or installed underground for air supply ), does not need to lay pipelines, does not affect the large pattern of the existing room, and is relatively simple to install ( only need to punch holes in the external wall ).  If it is the new decoration stage, I think the central fresh air is more suitable and the overall cost will be cheaper.  Of course, we must choose better ventilation fan products, and the design and construction units must be professional and careful.

Vtronic fan

 2. How to check the purification function of wall-mounted fresh air

ventilation fan is initially used to ensure indoor carbon dioxide concentration does not exceed the standard or to ensure oxygen content in a popular way.  At present, it is necessary to improve the level of the filtration system because there is often smoke outside.  Now some products can reach F9 grade fresh air filtration.  However, this filtering function only processes pm2.5 from outdoor fresh air.  As for pm2.5 cracks from other doors and windows, this ventilation fan cannot handle it.  So how do you handle pm2.5 in these rooms?  I think there are two ways:

 1 ) Combination of fresh air and air purifier: In addition to installing fresh air, air purifier should be used.  Now air purifiers are becoming more and more popular.  Before installing fresh air, many people had already used air purifiers at home.  Therefore, the problem of purchasing a purifier even after installing fresh air does not need to be solved.  The air purifier is used in combination.  The ventilation fan ensures the supply of fresh air. The air purifier " closes the door and defeats the dog" to filter out indoor pm2.5, thus achieving better results.

 2 ) Positive pressure fresh air: a new generation of wall-mounted fresh air or central fresh air already has a positive pressure control function, that is, the pressure of indoor air can be adjusted to be slightly higher than that of outdoor air, so it is difficult for outdoor dirty air to enter through window seams, dogs cannot enter, and there is no need to use an air purifier of " closing doors and knocking dogs".  It should be noted that whether positive pressure can be formed in your home is not only related to the new fan, but also related to the door and window structure of the room and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

wall-mounted fan

 3. Pay attention to the wall-mounted fan heat exchange function

 Heat exchange is a problem that is easily neglected because we pay more attention to carcinogenic pm2.5.  However, as a responsible person, we cannot ignore heat exchange.

 1 ) Heat exchange is the object of energy conservation.  Each of us can reduce some energy waste.  If we put them together, we can reduce the amount of coal burning, which is also a small contribution to indirectly reduce smoke.

 2 ) Indoor comfort is definitely higher through heat exchange, especially total heat exchange.  In summer, there are no windows open or air-conditioning diseases.  The fresh air brought by winter is warm, which is more responsible for the family.

 3 ) In the south, suspended fresh air should be carefully used for sensible heat exchange, because condensed water will bring a series of problems and make it more troublesome in summer.  It must be very hot to hang fresh air.  In order to distinguish whether wall-mounted fresh air is fully hot or sensible, the manufacturer's technical parameter table can be checked.  If two different indexes of total heat recovery efficiency and latent heat recovery efficiency are pointed out, it is total heat.  If only one heat exchange efficiency is usually specified, or if the nominal heat exchange motion is made of metal, it is usually only a sensible heat machine.

wall-mounted fan

 4. More and more people begin to use wall-mounted fresh air

 From a development point of view, since there are many more decorated houses than newly decorated houses, in order to cope with the current environmental problems, the owners of these houses usually buy air purifiers in the first step, and after using them for a period of time, they will find that air purifiers cannot solve the ventilation problem.  They are worried about insufficient oxygen in the room, increased carbon dioxide concentration, and dirty air entering when opening windows in foggy days.  Therefore, in the second step, many people will start to buy wall-mounted fresh air products to further improve the air quality of the home.

 At present, there are not many excellent wall-mounted fresh air products.  However, if there is a demand, there will be technological apes.  I believe there will be more quality products to choose from in the future.

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