What are the advantages of ventilation fan?

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In recent years, indoor air purification equipment on the market has been selling well. Following the air purifier, household ventilation fan with air purification and ventilation and ventilation functions (such as silent duct fans, wall-type fans, wall-mounted fans) .It is loved and recognized by more and more consumers. Compared with the products of the air purifier, what kind of air purifiers will be replaced by the domestic ventilation fan?

Ventilation fan

First,Indoor and outdoor air circulation, so that the house can breathe.

The main function of the home ventilation fan is to help the indoor ventilation. It purifies the air through a multi-layer filter while removing harmful gases from the room, including formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. It provides fresh air 24 hours a day, allowing indoors to breathe fresh and pure air at all times. The air purifier can only circulate and purify the indoor air, and can purify the smoke, particles, dust, etc. in the indoor air, but the room must be closed, so the air purifier can only be partially purified, and the indoor and outdoor air cannot be changed over time. There is a lack of oxygen.

Second, the aesthetic design of wall-type  fans and wall-mounted fans, no need to set up pipelines.

The home ventilation is beautiful and stylish, and can be integrated with various decorative styles, including ceiling type, concealed pipe type, open wall type and so on. Among them, the wall-mounted household ventilation fan has a stylish appearance, takes up little space, does not affect the overall interior decoration, and greatly enhances the taste of modern home, and is a symbol of modern high-quality life.

Ventilation fan

Third, the mute effect is good, will not affect the user's sleep rest.

The domestic ventilation fan is very quiet during operation (taking the installed wall-mounted household ventilation fan as an example, the minimum noise of the equipment during operation is only 19db). In addition, the ventilation fan can breathe without opening the window to avoid interference from external noise. Ordinary ventilation equipment, such as exhaust fans, are noisy during operation and cannot block outdoor noise, which has a great impact on daily life.

Fourth, energy saving and emission reduction; Liminli natural.

At present, many home ventilation fan hosts have heat recovery systems to avoid energy loss and reduce the loss of warm air and cold air. However, ordinary ventilation equipment directly discharges indoor air to the outside, resulting in loss of indoor air heat and heat, resulting in energy loss, which is not conducive to energy conservation.

Five, intelligent heating system.

In winter, the outdoor temperature is low, some ventilation fan do not have heat exchange function, and the indoor temperature will decrease in winter. However, the traditional heat exchange ventilation fan has icing problems. With the development of technology, there is a new air system on the market. The intelligent temperature rise can make the outdoor cold air reach the same indoor temperature, set the comfortable temperature according to the user's requirements, and maintain the air supply control according to indoor and outdoor. The temperature difference between the temperatures, the temperature is controlled with minimum power to prevent direct entry of cold air.

Vtronic fan

From the above advantages of the domestic ventilation fan, it can be seen that the domestic ventilation fan is superior to other purification products in many aspects compared with the ordinary air purification products. In contrast, the wall-mounted fan VT-200S, wall-mounted music fan VT-260S, wall-type fan VT-501, wall-type fan VT-502, wall-type fan VT-503. Vtronic ventilation fan products is very popular in the market because the price is very affordable.

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