How about the ventilation fan in addition to formaldehyde?

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With the improvement of people's material living standards, the pursuit of interior decoration is getting higher and higher. Many people like to have their own houses during their years of struggle, so treat their houses like “second wife”. I have to decorate my new house, and it is inevitable that I will not have to use all kinds of decoration paint. However, there is such a saying in the paint industry that "no benzene is not oil, no aldehyde is not paint", so many people's indoor environment air is filled with formaldehyde with excessive concentration, which makes people very headache. Many people think that after the house is renovated, the room can be ventilated for three months to remove the formaldehyde that is especially volatilized. In fact, many people have suffered from long-term inhalation of formaldehyde, especially the pregnant women. Later, after the hospital experts concluded that the decoration of the house, generally takes 15 years or even 20 years, the formaldehyde in the paint used in the decoration will be completely evaporated.

Ventilation fan

Ventilation fan

Therefore, people have been looking for an air device that can remove formaldehyde. It is rumored that the air purifier can remove formaldehyde in the market. Friends who have used air purifiers will know that the working principle is to purify the air through the filter. However, the chemical formula of formaldehyde shows that the molecular formula is similar to that of carbon dioxide, and there is no equipment on the market that can filter carbon dioxide. Formaldehyde can not be filtered out. To remove "formaldehyde", it is only possible to discharge formaldehyde by ventilation.

What ventilation equipment can have the above effect? Here we recommen Vtronic's ventilation fan products:

The pipeline series includes conventional duct fans, energy-saving silent duct fans, and silent duct fans. The air volume of the pipeline fan is relatively large. It is generally used in various large public places in China, such as cinemas, entertainment venues, supermarkets or factories and hospitals. Because the pipeline fans need not to be piped, the structure of domestic residential houses is different. Abroad, relatively short, is not suitable for layout of pipelines, so domestic residential buildings generally rarely use the pipeline ventilation.

Therefore, according to the needs of domestic residents, Vtronic has introduced wall-mounted  fans and wall-type  fans. Because wall-mounted  fans and wall-type  fans are installed, only need to make a small hole in the wall or window. It is installed and does not need to be laid out like a duct fan. The installation is simple and fast.

wall-mounted  fan

Why does the ventilation fan remove formaldehyde? In fact, it should not be called “except” formaldehyde, but it should be used to purify formaldehyde. Because the ventilation fan cleans the formaldehyde, the working principle is to let the room “breath” and discharge indoor air when the window and door are closed. Formaldehyde. This is the principle of fresh air purification of formaldehyde!

wall-mounted  fan

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