How to use the HEPA air filter box to remove the PM2.5?

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The smog pm2.5 has become the focus of social attention in the past two years.

PM2.5 is small particle and contains a mass of toxic and harmful substances, which have a great impact on human health.

The air purifier has a good purifying effect on pm2.5 and can effectively filter the pollutants in the air.

Now we’re introducing Vtronic HEPA filter box how to clear the air?


Filter box


1. Initial filter

When the air containing dust particles passes through the primary filter, the particle diameter is larger than the inner diameter of the fiber during the movement, and is intercepted.


2. Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon can effectively absorb odors in the air or volatile toxic and harmful gases.


3.HEPA filter

HEPA filter is one of the best internationally recognized filter materials and also is an important part of the pm2.5 air filter. For particles with a particle size of about 0.3 microns, the filtration efficiency of 99.97% can also be achieved.


And the HEPA filter box can be used with 4/6/8 inch inline fan.

More information check it!

Filter box





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