1min to Know What is the Ventilation System

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What is the ventilation system?

In a word, the ventilation system which supply the air from outdoor to indoor by the ventilator, and meanwhile exhaust the air from indoor to outdoor. The heat exchanger recover the energy to reduce the loss of indoor temperature and humidity energy.


The working theory is utilizing the aerodynamics. The external force change the baric and generate wind flowing. Briefly speaking, when blow balloon, the blowed air force the inwall of balloon, the pressure generate by the force is the static pressure. It is the same theory as the static pressure supply air.

Much rain in Spring, which makes the air wet. And the temperature is changeable. These make the flu,allergy,breathless etc. Many troubles in daily life. Many people will consider install the ventilation system to improve the indoor air quality.

So, How to Choose the Ventilation system? What is the common misunderstanding?

No haze no need fresh air.

Clean haze is the main function as known by people. So, most people subconsciously make the ventilation system equal to air cleaner.

Actually, the purpose of ventilation system is change the air.

Please note, the final users think the useful is clean haze, not change the air,it is one of the misunderstanding. Clean capability(function) depends on the enviroment, not the ventilation system itself. In other words, the most of  ventilator we see is caused by requests.

The ventilation system continuous change the air. The air is filtered, sterilized,deodorised etc when it’s supplied from outdoor to indoor. Then exhausted the air via HEPA filter, active carbon, G4 filter etc. to absorb the formaldehyde, PM2.5 etc.. Filtering the poor air to keep away from your family.

That is, when the window and door are closed, the ventilation system can exchange the air for 24hours. Prevent the funiture and cloth mildew, exhaust the indoor formaldehyde and CO2. So, it will not be waste even if your home around has good quality air.

Install ventilation system inferior to opening window

When air is good quality, opening the window can exchange the air. However, when the window is open, make the airflow in a mess. Probably will take the odor in bathroom and kitchen. Much dust will bring into the room, much noise, waste energy if heating indoor. These reasons will make the life quality become poor if open the window to ventilate.

 And the ventilation system take the prue fresh air with rich oxygen into house, when the window and door closed. Meanwhile, it exhaust dirty air to outdoor.

Install ventilation system inferior to exhausted fan

Some people think they can use the exhaust fan for ventilation. Let’s see some disadvantages of the exhaust fan for ventilation.

1. Can not clean the odor indoor, not meet the exchange air needs.

2. Big noise

3. short life time for continue using.

4. No fresh air, the drag increasing, low efficiency.  

Anymore, the airflow of the exhausted fan low, limited range. And it’s impossible install the exhaust fan in each room. Exhaust fan just can just exhaust the air, not make the indoor air exchange with outdoor.

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