Should I get a single room heat recovery unit?

2020-07-09 16:21:06 645

We all know what it’s like in a cold winter – sitting in a stuffy house because we’re obsessed with ‘keeping heat in’. Single room heat recovery units look to be a solution, pumping room-temperature fresh air into our homes to improve the indoor air quantity(bring Continuous oxygen)

 extract ventilation,wall mounted HRV 501extract ventilation,wall mounted HRV 501

Vtronic VT501 is wall mounted HRV which is designed to improve indoor air quality and lower the risk of condensation. Single room heat recovery units tend to be more efficient than traditional extract ventilation systems, but are not as complex to install as the centralised packaged units that you tend to have for the whole building.

Vtronic VT501(wall-mounted heat receivery ventilator) has 3 working continuously extract moist air from rooms in the home, which is especially important in bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens. when fresh air is sucked in from outside, it collects heat from the extracted air (via a ceramic heat exchanger) before entering the room. This heat energy transfer can help save money on energy costs, because it keeps temperatures more constant than when opening windows for ventilation. Latent air is recycled and transferred back into the room to keep a consistent temperature environment.

extract ventilation,wall mounted HRV 501extract ventilation,wall mounted HRV 501extract ventilationextract ventilation,wall mounted HRV 501

Where to get a great single room heat recovery unit? Check it here.

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