Are you still cleaning your ventilation duct?

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 ventilation system

The following recommendations are mainly for the central ventilation system and the wall-mounted fresh air purification system with duct.

To determine whether or not to clean, you need to judge according to the following five aspects:

First, Checking the equipment situation - how the purification function performance of the ventilation system installed in your home.

Before 2013, the purification function of most brand's ventilation system is not strong.The purification ability of pm2.5 is very bad,only limited to ventilation;

After 2013, the models can basically filter pm2.5, which can ensure the coming out air pm2.5 index is close to 0; as long as the air volume is enough to pass through the air of the duct to the indoor air outlet, it is in good condition.

ventilation system

Second,Checking the using frequency of your home ventilation system:

If your ventilation system is used everyday, it is very difficult to have attached objects in the duct, and the duct can be kept relatively clean;

If your home ventilation system has not been turned on for a long time, especially during seasons are changing (spring, summer and autumn). Due to the large changes in temperature and humidity, the duct will have flying flocs, floating and sinking, mosquitoes, condensate, etc. It is possible to generate dust in the duct;

The important thing to note:

The ventilation system installed by those real estate companies needs to be considered, because the ventilation system is supplied from the supplier to the installation and construction team and then to the developer. This period can be half a year, even one or two years longer. During the entire installation process, especially in the hardcover room, the cross-operation of each type of work,the duct can not be clean.

Third, According to the maintenance situation - ensure your home's ventilation system has no secondary pollution.

The ventilation system is the breathing system of the whole room. As long as it is put into operation, the internal filter and heat exchange core will block and retain most of the dust and moisture. It must be cleaned regularly, the filter is replaced, and the heat exchange core is cleaned. The fan body, as well as the inside of the mainframe; if it is not processed for one year, the ventilation fan inside is dusty and dirty; there will be secondary pollution when starting up and the duct of the ventilation system becomes a pollution source.

 ventilation system

Fourth, Base on the construction situation - checking your home ventilation system duct installation is qualified or not.

The ducts are different according to the requirements of each HVAC company. The commonly used PVC ducts, some of the ducts have smooth inner walls, no burrs on the interface, and are not easy to accumulate dust;

ventilation system

If the duct is not good, the construction level is bad and the duct interface is not neat, the whole duct is spliced with pipes of different materials such as hard pipe + hose + hard pipe. The system is installed to the middle of running debugging, and no work is done. The end of the duct is closed and protected, it must be the hardest hit area, and it is difficult to blow clean.

ventilation system

Fifth, see if there are other loads in the duct of the ventilation system;

According to actual needs, some customers will add other auxiliary equipment in the ventilation system, such as humidification system, dehumidification system, heating system, etc., Because the air in the duct needs to pass these loads to adjust The temperature and humidity of the air, and different loads will be used according to the seasonal phase, so it is more likely to cause secondary pollution, and more maintenance and cleaning are needed.

Combine the above aspects:

If the purification capacity of the ventilation system is good enough, the system level is also OK, the ventilation system is often in use, there is no long-term decommissioning, and regular maintenance, there is generally no dust and secondary pollution inside the duct, and there is no need to clean;

ventilation system

If you are not sure about the above aspects, then the following work must be done:

1, host maintenance

Replace the filter, replace or clean the heat exchange core, and clean the inside of the main unit;

2, the end of the duct treatment

Install a tuyere with filtering function at the indoor air outlet and the return air inlet;

3, Cleaning the duct

Look for air conditioning or HVAC cleaning companies to clean.

4,Installing a ductless ventilation fan, recommended model VTRONIC VT501/VT502.

Easy to keep the duct clean,replace/clean air exchanger,filters and the whole fan.

ventilation system

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