Install A Fresh Air System For The New House

2019-11-01 11:09:06 48

After a indoor decoration, the indoors harmful gas can not be cleaned in a short time, it will stay in your house in few months even long time.

 A ventilation system which can change your indoor air and intercept harmful gas to make sure a good air environment.

Vtronic fresh air system

What is the function of the Vtronic fresh air system?

The Vtronic fresh air system not only exhaust the polluted air, but also intake the filtered air.

In addition to the ventilation function, it also has the functions of deodorization, dust removal and room temperature adjustment.

The air is cleaned by the four filtration, Pre-filter, UV light & Photocatalyst, Activated Carbon and H13 HEPA Filter. PM2.5 purification efficiency is as high as 95%.

The whole heat exchange energy-saving technology, exchanges fresh air and exhaust air for hot and cold exchange, recycling more than 85% of energy, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Vtronic fresh air system

It’s necessary to install a fresh air system for the new house.

Thanksgiving parents, who give your life, thanksgiving your children, who give your complete home, you can give them a comfortable home which they can breathe freely.

Thanksgiving Day is coming, Vtronic hopes you have a sweet home.

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