Shall I Need A Ventilation System?

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Air pollution is becoming more and more serious. Not only is outdoor pollution affecting people's health, but more importantly indoors air pollution even worse.For there are some harmful gases and pollutants in the decoration materials, people stay indoors for a long time. If you install a fresh air system at home, it will be a different experience.

fresh air ventilation

The fresh air system will blow fresh air from outdoor, and exhaust the indoor dirty air to keep the indoor air cleanliness to a standard level. The indoor will form a “new air flow field” to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation. The fresh air system can filter and change the air. What other "super powers" are there?

1. Ensure air circulation. Breathing produces carbon dioxide. If you stay in a confined environment for a long time, the indoor air will become cloudy and depressed, which will affect our health. The fresh air system exchanges indoor and outdoor air to achieve indoor air freshening.

2. Do not need to endure the cold wind to open the window for ventilation. When indoor air is boring and open windows for ventilation. We may feel very cold especially in winter but also PM2.5 air pollution if your house is nearby a street. Even with heating, the cold wind can cause "biting" side effects. But winter is also the season of high flu. If the patient is in an airless environment, it is easy to infect family members. The fresh air system allows us to breathe fresh air even without opening the window.  

3. Dehumidification and mildew prevention. Extracting the damp and dirty air, effectively prevent mold and bacteria, and extend the service life of buildings and furniture to create a comfortable environment. Some fresh air systems have also added the air dehumidification function, which is the fresh air dehumidification integrated machine, which can perform dehumidification while performing air exchange.

4. Eliminate indoor pollution. The fresh air system not only blocks outdoor air pollution, but also handles indoor environmental pollution. The newly renovated house has harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and the fresh air can accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde. If you smoke indoors, the gas source can also be effectively filtered by the fresh air system to quickly restore indoor air cleanliness.

 fresh air ventilation

The fresh air system has gradually entered the family, effectively improving indoor air and creating a healthy and comfortable environment for the family.

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