Can The VT200 Wall Mounted HRV Be Effective Against Viruses?

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The main function of people installing the aifresh r system is to ventilate, by the way, the coarse filtering of large particles such as pollen. For some severely polluted areas, rough filtration is not enough. VTRONIC VT200 wall mounted HRV is equipped with multiple layers of dense HEPA filters inside to absorb and filter fine particles in the outside air, ensuring indoor ventilation while ventilating air quality.

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Now that HEPA filters are used, we have to consider the level of filters used. At present, the filter grade standards applied in the industry stipulate that the HEPA filter grade should not be lower than H11. Most fresh air products use H11 / H12 grade HEPA filters, and VT200 HRV uses H13 grade filters, although they seem to be the same. , But its purification efficiency can reach 99.995%, and the total dust holding capacity has reached dozens of times of the traditional H11 / H12 filter.

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On the other hand, although particulate matter represented by PM2.5 is recognized as the culprit of indoor air pollution, pollutants that pose a threat to our respiratory health are far more simple than particulate matter. Formaldehyde, ozone, allergens and bacterial viruses are all floating in the air all the time, its threat is more than that of particulate matter.

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Therefore, when purchasing fresh air products, you must also consider the existence of such pollutants. Taking formaldehyde as an example, its release cycle is quite long, up to more than ten years. In addition to ensuring ventilation, adsorption of activated carbon can also effectively remove formaldehyde. The VT200 HRV has been added to the TVOC filter to effectively adsorb gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde while ventilating the room.

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VT200 is aimed at bacteria and viruses. It is mainly killed by UV lamps and photocatalysts. Ultraviolet germicidal UV lamps can emit ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 253.7nm. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps can kill bacterial viruses within a few seconds. Sterilization efficiency is up to 99%. At the same time, it can effectively prevent its breeding, and at the same time protect the respiratory health, it can also prevent the mold from mildewing, causing secondary pollution.


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