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Everyone has the responsibility to fight the epidemic and Corona-virus. Staying at home, segregating, protecting themselves and their families is the best way, home is a castle.

In the face of the virus, we all know that if you go out, you must wear a respirator, but it will be great if you can breathe fresh air when you stay at home. The fresh air system is preferred it can directly filter PM2.5 and toxic gases in the air through self-filtering air without opening the window, and automatically replace indoor and outdoor air. At the same time, balance the indoor oxygen content and air freshness, increase Living comfort makes every air you breathe fresher and cleaner, and also makes you a fresh, green and healthy home.

Fresh Air System,vtronic

What are the benefits of the fresh air system?

1st ,Purify air all day

Continuously provide fresh air indoors

Efficient and continuous guarantee of cleanliness of indoor air

"Isolate" pollution outside the door

2nd,Prevent furniture mold

Humid environment is prone to damp furniture and clothing.

Fresh air system removes moisture while delivering fresh air, Extracting the humid and dirty air in the room,Eradicating odors and prevent mold and bacteria.Conducive to extending the life of buildings and furniture

3rd,The "security guard" at home

Fresh air system is also a "security guard" at home

It can not only effectively purify various unhealthy or harmful gases

It can also filter and purify the air before entering the room.

Filtering dust and pollen particles

Thus reducing the damage of dust and pollen particles to the human body.

4th, Increase home oxygen content

Large indoor temperature difference in summer or winter

Due to prolonged window closure cause indoor hypoxia

Fresh air system can greatly improve indoor oxygen content

Lets you breathe fresher in life.

Every breath feels like in the forest.

Fresh air filtration system,vtronic


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