How to choose three types of fresh air system?

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How to choose three types of fresh air system: total heat, sensible heat and latent heat? Advantages and disadvantages?

The air contains heat. In addition to heat, it also contains water vapor.

For the convenience of research, we usually call the heat in dry air as sensible heat. The heat contained in the air vapor is called latent heat.

To put it another way, the heat that changes the temperature of an object without phase change (state change) is called sensible heat.

The heat that causes an object to phase change, we can call it latent heat.

For example: When we boil water, the water temperature no longer rises after the water boils. At this time, if the fire is not turned off and the water temperature is maintained at 100 degrees Celsius, then where does the heat of our fire water go? In fact, the water is undergoing a phase change, becoming water vapor, and the liquid becoming a gas.

When we study air, we must consider both sensible and latent heat, so it is called total heat.

Then, energy-saving heat recovery equipment is also divided into two types of total heat recovery and sensible heat recovery products.

Total heat recovery type: As the name implies, it can recover both sensible heat (heat) and latent heat (enthalpy) during the heat recovery process.

Sensible heat recovery type: In the process of heat recovery, only sensible heat can be recovered, and latent heat cannot be recovered.

In a more popular way: the full heat recovery type, which can handle the difference in temperature and humidity. The sensible heat recovery type can only handle the temperature difference of the air, and cannot handle the humidity difference.

So what's the difference between the two devices in the selection?

The sensible heat recovery equipment can only handle the temperature difference in the air, so it is suitable for areas with relatively dry climate throughout the year.

Full heat recovery equipment, suitable for areas with large changes in climate and humidity throughout the year.

Therefore, in the northern region, sensible heat recovery or total heat recovery equipment can be used. In the southern region, it is recommended to use the full heat recovery equipment. Generally, sensible heat recovery equipment is slightly cheaper than total heat recovery equipment.

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