Why HEPA is effective weapon fighting against allergies to pollen, dust, hair and mold?

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Just like bacteria can hide in plain sight on your kitchen counters, pollutants hide in the air. And the air in your home can be even more nasty than the air outside.

That’s especially true in the winter, when people keep their windows and doors closed to trap heat inside. With nowhere else to go, pollutants often linger indoors. You can clean the air in your home to a certain extent with HEPA fan

The wall mouonted HEPA ventilator we offer is equipped with filters that effectively combat hazardous substances emitted by motor vehicles. One of the most important elements of every Vtronic VT502 is the HEPA filter, which removes particles even several dozen times smaller than human hair, including said particulates. The VT502 HEPA fan also cope well with other communication pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen oxides, thanks to the carbon filters it contain. In addition, activated carbon reduces ozone, which is a serious threat in summer. 

ventilation systems,Vtronic VT502 HEPA fan

The offer includes purifiers adapted to work in various places. VT502 fits perfectly into bedrooms, children's rooms and other rooms in residential buildings.  Vtronic VT502 HEPA fan can also be used in private homes and apartments, but they also work well in public facilities, e.g. kindergartens, offices and hospitals, where due to applicable ventilation regulations should be placed high-purity air purifiers.

 ventilation systems,Vtronic VT502 HEPA fan

The technology showing the highest efficiency in removing inhalation allergens is the HEPA filter, whose full name is High efficiency particulate air Filter

This filter is made of several thin layers of fiberglass or other plastic, and in each of them there are 0.3 µm pores through which air flows. Depending on the class of HEPA technology used, after one flow through the filtering system, 95 to 99.99% of solid particles with a size up to several hundred times smaller than the diameter of the hair are removed from the air.

HEPA is therefore an effective weapon in the fight against allergies to pollen, dust, hair and mold.

We take into account the diverse needs of customers, so VT502 can be equipped with a ceramic Heat exchanger with an efficiency of 90% which can purify the air without losing the heat/energy.

 ventilation systems,Vtronic VT502 HEPA fan

Mechanical ventilation systems provide an easy, reliable and proven solution. They remove stale air and replace it with an inflow of fresh air which makes the home healthier and more comfortable.

Vtronic wall mounted HEPA/HRV ventilator,easy installation,high efficiency.

VtronicAir-better air, better life.


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