How To Choose A Suitable Air Volume Fresh Air System?

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When choose fresh air, what brand of  fresh air system to choose, and how to choose the amount of fresh air. These issues that everyone is most concerned about when considering installing fresh air.

First let us understand what is the fresh air system:

The fresh air system is based on sending fresh air to the room with special equipment on one side of the closed room, and then exhausting it from the other side to the outdoor with special equipment.

A “new air flow field”will be formed indoors to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation.

The air entering the room is filtered, detoxified, sterilized, aerated, and preheated (winter) while supplying air.

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So how do we confirm the fresh air volume?

First, calculate the fresh air use area and number of people in the room, and then calculate according to the formula;

Examples are as follows:

Assumption: the area of fresh air of a family is 70 square meters, the height is 3m, and 4 members

1) If calculated according to the fresh air volume required by each person, then the fresh air volume

Q1 = N * 30m3 / h = 4 * 30m3 / h = 120m3 / h.

2) If calculated according to the method of minimum ventilation times, take the room fresh air ventilation times 1 / h, then the fresh air volume

Q2 = 1 * S * H = 1 * 70 * 3 = 210m3 / h.

Since Q2> Q1, in the example, Q2 is taken as the fresh air volume required for the final room and used as the basis for equipment selection. Therefore, according to the air volume of 210 m3 / h, we can choose Vtronic's W100-01 or W100S-01 inline fans can provide 250 m3 / h air volume, large air volume design, strong wind, quickly remove indoor dirty air, and input fresh air outside, which fully guarantees sufficient indoor air volume.

In addition, when the system is running, the fresh air main unit is connected with fresh air supply and return air pipes and piping components such as hoods, hoses, dampers, and air outlets. The resistance will increase significantly during operation, and the air volume of the main unit will definitely decrease accordingly. It's as if the car is running fast on flat ground, and it will definitely slow down when going uphill with the same throttle. However, when choosing fresh air, everyone is not blindly pursuing a larger air volume. It is better to increase the noise and affect normal life. If the air volume is too small, there is no fresh air ventilation effect. Therefore, it is wise to choose the fresh air system that is most suitable for your home environment.


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