Why Install Fresh Air System In Children's Room?

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In a family, children are the objects of hope and protection. Children's health and safety should be taken care of. The decoration of children's rooms is especially important. The independent children's room can create a world of their own for children, which is conducive to fostering children's independence. The design of the children's room can be varied, colorful and unique, but many things must be paid attention to.

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Special care should be taken when decorating the children's room because this affects the child's future growth direction and affects the child's physical and mental health. In the decoration and design of children's rooms, the most important thing is to ensure safety. The decoration of children's rooms is likely to cause indoor pollution, which in turn will harm children's health. Children's immunity is much lower than adults, their respiratory system and liver function are relatively fragile, and they are more vulnerable to adverse environmental damage.

There are five main ways that indoor environmental pollution can harm children:

1. Induced blood diseases in children

2. Increasing the incidence of asthma in children

3. Cause congenital abnormalities in newborns

4. Trigger newborn heart disease

5. Reduce children's intelligence

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So, how can the decoration of children's rooms be effectively avoided?

1. The building materials used in children's rooms must be safe and environmentally friendly. Try to avoid the use of colored paints. The brighter the paint, the higher the metal content in the paint. The contact between metal materials and children is likely to lead poisoning. Good choice of water-based.

2. Furniture for children's rooms should be selected according to national standards. Pay attention that the volume of furniture should not exceed 50% of the room.

3. Pay attention to prevent formaldehyde contamination of children's products and clothing, such as children's new clothes, toys, room curtains, etc.

4. Maintain ventilation. Open windows in the morning and evening every day. Ventilation equipment should be installed in poorly ventilated rooms.


Outdoor air pollution is serious. Open the window to ensure the indoor air is fresh and reduce indoor pollution. However, window ventilation will enter a large amount of outdoor dust. At the same time, it is impossible to avoid outdoor noise. Window ventilation is unrealistic and will cause more serious pollution. The summer weather is hot, and harmful substances in the newly renovated children's room will volatilize faster. The fresh air system should be used for purification and ventilation, to a certain extent, to avoid indoor decoration pollution and outdoor bacteria from harming children's health.

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At present, many fresh air system filters are only for PM2.5, but they are powerless against pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC. Under the premise of effectively filtering PM2.5, VTRONIC fresh air system has a built-in ultra-large volume special-grade activated carbon filter, which can more effectively adsorb and catalyze pollutants such as formaldehyde, ozone, benzene, and TVOC. Without opening the window, the outdoor air can be continuously fed into the fresh clean air that has been filtered through three layers to reduce the ozone pollution caused by the ventilation of the window. Start with every breath and provide your child with a healthy, oxygen-rich, healthy living environment.

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