Can fresh air system remove formaldehyde?

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Formaldehyde is a hidden health killer in this family. Everyone has heard about formaldehyde, especially for families who have just finished decorating their new houses, they know it's best to leave it empty for a while. However, can this completely avoid the harm of formaldehyde? According to expert analysis, the formaldehyde release cycle in decoration materials usually takes more than a few years, and the gap of one or two months can not solve the actual problem. So how to solve the problem of indoor formaldehyde pollution? Many experts suggest using fresh air system!

Do you think the fresh air system can effectively remove formaldehyde?

A. Very ideal B. it should be OK C. not at all D. not very clear

The basic principle of fresh air system is to form "fresh air flow field of household fresh air system" in the room. Fresh air is delivered to the room through special equipment, and then discharged into the room from the other side. Outside, so meet the needs of fresh air ventilation in the room.

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Implementation plan of fresh air system

The centrifugal fan is driven by high-pressure head, high flow, low-power DC high-speed brushless motor. Through mechanical force, the fresh air flow field formed in the household fresh air system is forced to be supplied from the air, and discharged from the other side to the outdoor air through the specially designed fresh air exhaust fan. At the same time of air supply, fresh air entering the room is filtered, disinfected, sterilized, oxidized and preheated (winter). When the exhaust gas passes through the main engine, it exchanges heat with the fresh air domestic fresh air system to recover, and most of the recovered energy is returned to the room through the fresh air. The plan of large-scale formation of clean space is used to ensure that the air entering the room is clean, so as to achieve the purpose of indoor air purification.

Can the fresh air system remove formaldehyde?

The fresh air system can continuously discharge indoor polluted air, including formaldehyde, through continuous air supply and return. After cleaning, the outdoor air is continuously sent into the room and circulates continuously, so as to effectively remove the formaldehyde discharged from indoor furniture, etc. The installation of fresh air system is equivalent to the installation of green "lungs" in the house. Ventilation can be carried out for 24 hours without opening windows, and can continuously and effectively discharge toxic gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other volatile gases from indoor decorations to protect human health.

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1. Dust removal function: the dust floating in the air contains many invisible bacteria, which can drive away the dust in the bedroom and workplace and create a comfortable environment.

2. Damping elimination function: the water in the room is not only from the toilet, but also from the human body and combustion appliances. In addition, buildings are now more airtight and prone to mildew due to condensation and decay of beds and walls. Therefore, ventilation fan is usually used to remove the moisture in the room to keep the room and people comfortable and healthy.

3. Adjust room temperature: in summer night, use ventilator to drive away indoor heat and replace outdoor cold air. In winter, total heat exchange is carried out to reduce indoor temperature loss and improve heating effect in winter.

Answer: specifically, the fresh air system can not "remove" formaldehyde, but can exhaust indoor formaldehyde through ventilation, reducing the concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor air. Therefore, the market did not say that the fresh air system or air purifier can "remove" formaldehyde.

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