The amount of fresh air needed for the air change of the house

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It determines the type of fresh air system to be purchased. Next, it is necessary to know the air volume of the fresh air system, so as to really decide to purchase a suitable fresh air fan. There is a certain gap in the fresh air volume of each brand of fresh air fan. The fresh air volume can be determined according to the family population and the house area Now let's talk about the amount of fresh air per square meter needed for air exchange of the house.

According to the indoor air quality standard (GB / t18883-2002), the minimum fresh air volume per person is 30m ³ / h; generally, the following two methods are used to calculate the air exchange volume of the house:

1. Minimum fresh air volume:

Fresh air volume (m3 / h) = (building area / number of people per unit area) × minimum fresh air volume per person per hour (m3 / person / h) - 1

2. Air change rate:

Fresh air volume (m3 / h) = room volume (M3) × air change times

*Generally, the fresh air volume of residential buildings such as villas and apartments is calculated by the number of air changes,

*The number of air changes is generally 0.5-1.5 depending on the regional difference.

Wall mounted fresh air fanWall mounted fresh air fan

Function of installing fresh air system

1. The fresh air system sucks in the outdoor air rich in oxygen and exhausts the air carbon dioxide in the room.

2. Carry out medium efficiency (filtration of medium level particles) or high efficiency (filtration of fine particles) filtration on the intake air.

3. Exchange the heat (cooling capacity) of the air in and out to prevent the loss of suitable temperature in the room, so as to save energy.

In simple words: the fresh air system, also known as the fresh air ventilator, "house respiratory tract" and the central government fresh air system, is a new type of natural ventilation exhaust pipe machine equipment. It can discharge the dirty air out of the room and also lead the fresh air into the room.

Many people have been struggling to choose a fresh air fan or air purifier Here is a brief overview: the air purifier is to suck in the polluted air, clean according to itself, and then release the fresh and clean air. The fresh air system is to directly discharge the polluted air and bring in the fresh air. It effectively solves people's fear of opening windows in haze weather.

In fact, they all have their own advantages and responsibilities. How to choose between them depends on your own requirements. Even sometimes you can use both. For example, living in a polluted area, it is recommended to choose vt200s, a wall mounted fresh air fan of Weiwu technology. The government has just started to install the fresh air system in every primary and secondary school, hospital, hotel restaurant, large shopping mall and office building demonstration site, but in fact, the housing is very necessary.

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