Air supply from ground or top for fresh air system

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For the installation of fresh air system, do you choose top air supply or ground air supply? Weiwu has been involved in the new wind industry for many years. I haven't seen any scenes, but I haven't seen the fierce debate on this issue among the industry people.

In the view of Weiwu: there is no more appropriate way of installation, only according to different types of houses and different sites, make a more appropriate way of installation. Many people have pointed out many advantages of the ground air supply, such as reducing the impact on the floor height, more reasonable air distribution, etc. However, the operating room usually adopts the air supply from the top of the ground return air. In some special places, we hope to exhaust the air from the ground return air.

In more places, the ground air supply does have more advantages. When the fresh air system is used for ground air supply, there is a little shortage, that is, because the ground air supply generally uses flat pipes, so the loss of air volume is relatively large, that is to say, the wind yield is generally lower than the top air supply. At this time, the static pressure of our fresh air system has higher requirements.

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What is the ground supply fresh air system?

The ground air supply adopts the way of lower air inlet and upper air outlet. The air supply outlet is concealed under the floor or at the lower position of the wall, and the air exhaust outlet is installed on the ceiling, which is more able to achieve ventilation. Generally, the ground air supply adopts flat pipeline, which is buried in the underground, only need to increase the height of 30mm, without ceiling, so it is convenient and flexible. The ground air supply can directly take out the air outlet panel on the ground for cleaning, which is more convenient.

In the ventilation effect, the ground air supply is better.

Carbon dioxide is redistributed in the lower layer than oxygen, and dust pollutants with large particles are also distributed in the lower layer. Under the top air supply mode, air replacement is basically carried out in the upper layer. The ground air supply stirs the air to achieve the convection between the upper and lower layers. The fresh air rises slowly and harmful substances can be discharged more effectively.

Top top air supply is better in terms of circulation effect

Furniture is placed in the lower part of the room, forming obstacles, which will affect the air circulation. Air dead angle will be formed when the ground is sent back to the top, and it will be smoother when the top is sent back to the top.

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Better ground air supply from the perspective of installation difficulty

The roof air supply needs to be arranged with pipes on the roof, and there are many ways to teach through beams and walls, and there will be intersections, which makes the construction difficult. The ground air supply uses flat pipes, which are directly laid under the ground cushion.


From the price point of view, top air supply is cheaper

The installation cost of the ground air supply is more expensive. In addition, the special flat pipe is used. The overall price of the ground air supply is more expensive than the top air supply.

From late maintenance,ground supply fresh air is cheaper

Although it is said that the fresh air system does not need to be cleaned many times a year, but it is quite troublesome to climb and dismantle once cleaned. It is more convenient to supply air on the ground, just take out the panel directly.

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