The Air Pollution in Southeast Asia

2020-05-11 09:54:24 17

The biggest cause of air pollution in Southeast Asia is that the exhaust emissions of motorcycles and cars exceed the environmental carrying capacity; the second is that surrounding thermal power projects have been built and operated in recent years, resulting in harmful gas emissions exceeding the standard; and the illegal burning of garbage.


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The Jakarta Special Administrative Region Government ’s air pollution control measures have been weak over the years, and public opinion supervision has not been put in place. The national air quality standards that have been implemented for 20 years are already outdated and far below the World Health Organization guidelines.

Anistan, Chief Executive Officer of the Jakarta Special Administrative Region, said: "The poor air quality is worrying." The mainstream Indonesian media "Jakarta Post" immediately published an article to introduce the causes of PM2.5 and its impact on human health and living environment after the haze Hazards. Not only that, the Indonesian economic management department has begun to study the side effects caused by the increase in sick leave, the increase in hospitalization rates, and the increase in medical and health subsidies. A Jakarta resident said in an interview: "In the past, I just felt that Jakarta has bad air, and I would tell the elderly, children, pregnant women, patients and other special groups to wear masks. Now it seems that if the city is not affected by the tropical maritime climate, Rainy and windy, the result will be more catastrophic. "


Someone put forward an operational rectification plan. First, increase the number of monitoring stations and air quality monitoring equipment as soon as possible, not only in Jakarta, but also in several neighboring provinces to prevent the spread of harmful gases across regions; second, increase research efforts and investment scale in air emissions, focusing on Study emissions in the fields of transportation, coal power, industrial production, family life, etc. Third, accelerate the updating and improvement of air quality standards in Jakarta and even the whole country, keeping up with advanced countries and global standards. 

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