Approximate price for installation of fresh air system

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The summer of 2020 is coming. Although the air quality in summer is higher than that in spring and winter, the problem of air pollution can not be underestimated. To deal with the problem of air pollution, many families choose to install the household fresh air system to prevent the harm of air pollution. However, according to the editor, the brands and prices of the household fresh air system in the market are various at present How much is the cost of a complete household fresh air system? Many people still don't understand it, so please see below.

First of all, let's understand the main factors that affect the household fresh air system and how much it costs to install a complete household fresh air system.

household fresh air system

Affecting the price of household fresh air system -- brand

In the traditional Chinese concept of shopping, the concept of brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The home air conditioning system is the same, and the prices of different brands are naturally different. The prices of different brands and big brands must be relatively high. We all know that in our daily home air conditioning system, we live with different brands, under the same power, just because different brands have different air volume, Energy consumption and all aspects of life also differ in price.

Affecting the price of household fresh air system -- type

At present, the domestic fresh air system is mainly divided into two categories: one is unidirectional flow fresh air, the other is bidirectional flow fresh air, which is often referred to as total heat switch and heat tracing switch in our daily life. The unidirectional flow fresh air system does not have heating function, and the price of bidirectional flow without heating function is relatively common. The unidirectional flow and bidirectional flow of intelligent heating fresh air result in high technology content and high production efficiency This university, the supply of fresh air will bring people better comfort quality, so the price will be relatively high.

Impact on the price of household fresh air system -- area

There are also two important economic factors that affect the service price of the fresh air system. One is the usable building area. The other is the resident population. According to the relevant regulations, it is clearly pointed out that the indoor fresh air volume of the family residence and the office space should reach at least 30 cubic meters per hour for each of us. Generally speaking, for students, the house with one room and one hall may need to be installed one by one There are two rooms and one hall, three rooms and two halls. There may be two or more houses that need to be installed. The house needs more and more fresh air systems, and the overall price is naturally more and more expensive.

Influencing the price of household fresh air system -- process

The installation of fresh air system has more technical content, including piercing through walls, various professional docking of machines and other projects and technologies. However, due to the technical ability of the installation team limited by the construction, it is possible for the installation team to act as inferior in the process of failing to pass the standard, which will save a lot of major disadvantages in the future use. It is suggested to choose the distribution to ensure that the subsequent sales will be easy for many construction workers Human manufacturer.

Wall mounted fresh air fan

Take a house with an area of about 100-130 square meters for example, to install and design a set of perfect central fresh air system. If we install it in advance, it will cost about 20000 ¥ for an ordinary house, and 24000-27000 ¥ for an imported high-grade house.

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