Selection of PVC pipe and PE pipe for duct fan

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Many people have a puzzle when they choose to install the duct fan. Is it better to choose PVC pipe or PE pipe for the duct? Today, we will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of the selection of these two kinds of material pipes for reference.

Comparison between PVC pipeline system and PE pipeline system

The fresh air system is a kind of light equipment and heavy design. The fresh air equipment is highly dependent on the design and construction. For the same set of equipment, different construction methods and details have different effects on "wind rate", "noise", "secondary pollution", "maintenance and repair" and "impact on buildings". At present, there are two main installation methods of fresh air in China, PVC pipe installation and PE pipe installation.

Installation of branch fresh air system: when passing through each room through the main hard pipe, use a tee to remove the branch and two main pipes.

fresh air system

PVC pipes are used for the system, which are in the form of tree branch layout and "series" structure. A main air supply (return) pipe can go out. Each information of different rooms is sent (returned) by oblique tee as branch road. The whole process is hard pipe, and PVC is mostly used as the material (mainly used as its own water resource pipeline in China). PVC Flat Pipe for ground air supply (special fresh air pipe), socket type structure.


1: The most commonly used construction method, master the installation skill. There are top air supply, ground air supply and other flexible ways.

2: PVC pipe is cheap and low cost material.

3: Although the hole size is slightly larger, the number is relatively small.


1: The air volume is small. "Series" structure, air supply mode adopts dynamic pressure, long bending and multi stroke, large wind resistance, large noise, low air volume, accounting for only 40% to 60% of the air volume of the machine. For example, for a 250 air volume machine, the actual wind force is at the maximum of 150, the rest of the air loss, and the loss will form a larger wind noise.

2: Secondary pollution is inevitable. PVC pipe with three-way pipe layout, in the closed state of home decoration, can not be repaired and cleaned. After the new fan has been used for a long time, it will cause secondary pollution through a small amount of unavoidable impurities accumulation, but there is no effective solution to the accumulation of pollutants in the filter and the filter pipes.

3: Uneven air distribution. The farthest tuyere is generally carried out in the master bedroom, and the air volume system is generally very small, which is quite different from the wind speed and air volume of the near tuyere.

Installation of Octopus like fresh air system: fresh air PE pipe system, similar to octopus, each air outlet has a separate pipe.

fresh air system

PE pipe system, the exhaust bellows looking at a return pipe layout octopus, parallel structure. Each individual room is provided with its own conduit and return air, and the return air end is provided with one pipe without socket structure.


1: The air volume is large. The special equipment pipeline that specializes in the research and development of fresh air, "parallel" structure, air supply by different static pressure, smooth inner wall surface, small wind resistance, large air volume, wind rate can reach 90% to 120%. For example, if a fan with 250 air volume is installed, the actual equivalent air volume of PE system can reach 300.

2: The inner part of the pipeline can be cleaned repeatedly without secondary pollution. The air outlet at the end to the air distribution box is a pipe to the end of the structure, the overall hose, without tee socket, the sponge at the end of the thin wire is pulled back, and the inner wall is cleaned repeatedly.

3: It is suitable for air distribution box and air flow control valve, and can adjust even air flow.


1: There are technical enterprise threshold, need industry development knowledge and equipment, strict installation detail design requirements.

2: PE is higher than PVC cost.

3: Small diameter punches, but many. There are strict requirements and drilling specifications. Small holes do less harm to beams than large holes, and it is safe not to exceed the limit value.


1. The wind gain rate of PVC system is low, only about 50%, the system resistance is large, the wind resistance becomes wind noise, so it can form a sound and no wind situation.

2. PE system has high wind speed, low system resistance and low noise, so it can clean the inside of the pipeline. However, if the number of holes becomes more, less drilling will be crucial. Thirdly, there are a lot of labor-saving materials loaded, PE system needs good design and construction technology.

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