Zhong Nanshan Appeals to Care About School IAQ

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The Corona-2019 epidemic gradually improved, and students returned to the school one after another. In special periods, we need to pay more attention to the indoor air quality of the classroom. The classroom is an important place for student learning activities. The cleanliness of the air directly affects the physical development and health of students With teaching effect. Therefore, classrooms need to be ventilated frequently to achieve the purpose of eliminating old indoor air.


Causing Problems

In our 80% of the time, we carry out various activities indoors. Indoor air quality is extremely important to our physical and mental health. When you are in poor quality indoor activities, you will feel physical and mental fatigue, heart, lung, brain and other injuries may cause Various diseases, when your physical fitness is not good, viruses are chasing you, cross infections, pain and poisoning, and people in the air are very common. When you feel that you are not involved in your learning state, work I ca n’t be energetic, and I may even feel sick. This is closely related to the indoor air quality. At present, the outdoor atmospheric environment is not good. The method of ventilating windows is no longer effective. There are various sources of transmission in the air. , Bacteria, viruses, odors, etc., as well as other harmful particles and pollutants.


Indoor air continuously circulates, and the main sources of pollution are common bacteria, formaldehyde, TVOC and other odors; humans produce in the breath, such as high carbon dioxide concentration, air moisture loss, resulting in {hypoxia}, especially after the air conditioner is turned on {Air-conditioning disease}, transmission of infectious germs (cough, flu virus (A / B / C), sneezing, etc. among people), while reducing learning efficiency, comparing outdoor and indoor air, indoor pollution It directly threatens human health.

As an authoritative expert in the field of respiration, Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that a person must breathe more than 20,000 times a day and exchange at least 10,000 liters of gas with the environment every day. If the air is polluted, it will cause great harm to human health. He said that the main causes of indoor air pollution came from insufficient ventilation (52%), indoor pollution (17%), outdoor pollution (11%), biomass (10%), and building materials (3%). The sources of indoor pollution include carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body, pathogenic microorganisms, benzene, formaldehyde, and radon produced in interior decoration, as well as dust mites on air-conditioning filters. He also once again emphasized the harmful effects of smoking on the body.


Nosie, Outside Air Pollution and Energy Cost

If the doors and windows are opened to ventilate, the outdoor noise affects students' learning, and the outdoor air quality is relatively poor, containing polluted gases such as dust, pollen, PM2.5, smog, car exhaust, and industrial exhaust. Opening windows for ventilation in winter and summer will lead to an imbalance of indoor temperature and humidity, and will also bring a comparative load to the air conditioner.


The Maintaining Cost of Ceiling HRV

The fresh air system require regular replacement of the filter. The later maintenance cost is extremely high, especially for the fresh air system, which requires professional staff to clean up, which is expensive.


VTRONIC VT501 Wall Mounted HRV, special design for 30-50 square meter room, which can solve all these problems as mentioned above.


VT501 Wall Mounted HRV

1Over 90% heat exchanger rate, save more energy.
2. With H11 HEPA filter, purify 99% polluted matter and pollen in the air.
3. Smart control remote, sync control multi-device and more efficiency.
4. Up to 10 watts of energy consumption per hour.
5. Reminder to replace the filter function, and low cost for the filter replacements.
6. Max 30dB noise, super silent.

 VT501 Wall Mounted HRV

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