Villa fresh air system selection

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Villas or owners with a basement structure generally have problems with ventilation and ventilation. The basement of the villa is basically equipped with functional areas such as audio-visual rooms, gyms, wine cellars, and billiard rooms. Formaldehyde is the biggest problem in closed indoors. It will cause the concentration of formaldehyde to become higher and higher, and frequent inhalation is harmful to health.

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Why does the villa have to consider the fresh air system?

The floor of the villa is low and the green plant coverage is high. Unless it is built in a higher place, it will be easily blocked by the building and affect the indoor natural ventilation. In addition, high-end villas with sea view and lake view will also suffer from ventilation. The villa wants to live comfortably, in addition to soft decoration, this aspect can not be ignored.

The interior decoration of most villas pursues luxury and uses a lot of decorative items. This will also lead to an increase in the content of harmful substances such as indoor formaldehyde and TVOC. In addition, the structure of the indoor house of the villa is relatively complicated, which may lead to poor ventilation. Commonly used restaurants, living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms need fresh air circulation. In addition, basements and storage rooms also need to be effectively ventilated and kept dry to avoid moisture and mold.

Then which one should choose the fresh air fan of the villa

The area of the villa is generally large, there are few people, and there are many furniture and equipment. The facilities are equipped with pipe fans for top air supply. The pipe fans are installed in different rooms throughout the house. The top installation will not receive furniture to hinder the air supply and keep the room fresh. Air ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor humidity environment (not higher than 70% in summer and not lower than 30% in winter), and it can also inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses.

Effective ventilation and fresh air

The fresh air function sends the outdoor fresh air into the room through 24 hours of uninterrupted air supply through filtration and purification, and simultaneously discharges the indoor dirty air out of the room to keep the indoor air fresh. The basement space is relatively closed, and there may be odor without timely ventilation, and the fresh air function can also supplement fresh air in time, making the basement space air cleaner and cleaner.

Duct fan

Efficient filtration and purification

The fresh air system can purify and filter the outdoor air and send it into the room, effectively controlling the intrusion of dust, PM2.5 and pollen, making the air in the room fresh and keeping the circulation exchange, reducing the possibility of allergies, increasing indoor comfort, and allowing family members Breathe in fresher air.

When the duct fan is running, the fresh air or return air will pass through the internal purification end of the machine (primary effect filter, high efficiency filter, etc.), which will cause indoor and outdoor smog PM2.5, indoor toxic and harmful gases and residual formaldehyde, VOC, Benzene germs are filtered and purified to eliminate musty smell.

The multi-functional space of the villa enriches people's lifestyles, making life healthier and more interesting. Choose the Vtntech fresh air system to achieve indoor air circulation, stay away from formaldehyde, and enjoy high-end quality life in a healthy way.

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