Seven benefits of using fresh air system in summer

2020-06-02 11:00:09 21

Do you still remember those summer days when air conditioning continued to live? When you went out for 5 minutes and sweated for 2 hours, the room was hot and humid, and you didn't want to leave the air conditioning room at one step. However, the air pollution in the closed room is developing into an invisible killer, endangering your family's health. How can you improve the quality of indoor air products?

fresh air system

The best solution is to install a fresh air system: why?

1. Fresh indoor air in summer

In summer, when the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, the windows are all in a closed working state. The indoor air is not circulating, which is easy to generate dust. The environmental problems of closed and humid heat are also conducive to the growth of bacteria. The fresh air treatment system can ensure the replacement of indoor and outdoor air without opening windows, the indoor air is more fresh, and the occurrence of "497" and "air conditioning disease" can be controlled.

2. Maintain indoor fresh air

The fresh air provided by the 24-hour fresh air system is continuously supplied to the indoor. The outdoor fresh air enters the treated room and is discharged from the indoor air polluted by the air outlet, exhaust pipe and fan.

3. Remove oil smoke and other turbid social air

The family's favorite flavor of Chinese food, cooking of indoor residual oil smoke, often smoking at home, smoke can not be completely dissipated, outdoor PM2.5 explosion, air is very common, no drilling seamless, even good selection of sealed doors and windows indoor air quality is polluted. With the fresh air system, he no longer worries about his family's "victims", effectively filters harmful substances and protects his family's health.

4. Extend the service life of furniture

In the rainy season of this year, there are many humid rooms in the south. Furniture is prone to mildew. However, the fresh air system can be used to wet the indoor air, remove the odor, prevent mold and bacteria, and extend the service life of furniture.

fresh air system

5. Filter outdoor dust

The acceleration of the urbanization development process has already affected the air environment quality of our country, especially the PM10 and PM2.5 particles discharged by a large number of enterprises on the roadside and the houses beside the construction site, the road and the construction site, which are constantly emerging in the form of dust, automobile exhaust pollution emissions, etc., which invade the Chinese interior from the window households and spread all over the dust without cleaning the table furniture for two days. The fresh air control system can avoid the need of a large amount of dust caused by the opening of windows, effectively filter the outdoor air, and ensure the clean air for students to enter a room.

6. reduce noise troubles

Modern life, nervous, sleep is not good, hope to have a quiet night. But when the outdoor cars come and go, the sound of a window horn "di~di", the sound of people crashing on the elevated road of a speeding car, do not open the window will cause poor indoor air. It can also reduce noise pollution effectively.

7. Low energy consumption

Many people mistakenly think that the new air conditioning system has the same power consumption? It's not. Operating a new air system in four seasons, the power consumption is lower than that of the refrigerator. The total heat exchange fresh air can also recover the exhaust energy in the outdoor air. It can minimize the loss of heat and cold sources in summer or indoor in winter, and turn on the air conditioning and heating equipment at the same time to save energy.

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