Correct use of indoor ventilation

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In terms of indoor ventilation, in addition to opening windows for ventilation, many will take some incorrect ways. To achieve the effect of ventilation, it is often counterproductive. There are three common wrong ways of indoor ventilation.

1.Use air conditioning for ventilation

In summer, the windows are open for ventilation, and the hot air is blowing in. Many people will choose to turn on the air conditioner to achieve the ventilation effect. The function of air conditioning is only to cool or heat the original indoor air circularly, but it can't transfer the outdoor air into the room to achieve ventilation.

The air supply mode of air conditioning can make people think it is ventilation, which is just an illusion. People's breathing will become stable under comfortable temperature, not easy to feel dry and stuffy. If the time is long, the content of carbon dioxide has been increasing, and the oxygen concentration in the room has been reduced, it will feel stuffy.

Air conditioning

2.Ventilation with air purifier

Air purifier can quickly purify indoor air, remove PM2.5, peculiar smell and other pollutants, but it has no ventilation function. The air purifier is operated by internal circulation, which purifies the air entering the room and then spits out clean air. Therefore, the air purifier has been used for a long time, and the carbon dioxide concentration will still be too high. The indoor air is still suffocating.

Air purifier

3.Use air freshener

Air freshener is to cover up the peculiar smell in the air. It does not clean the air. On the contrary, it will make the air worse. Air fresheners contain organic compounds, which are easy to cause allergies and strong irritation to the respiratory tract. In addition, air fresheners all contain some kind of volatile solvent of fragrant gas, which will invade the nervous system soon after inhalation and make people feel calm. When the olfactory experiences some kind of feeling, it will produce spiritual dependence.

Air freshener

The correct way of indoor ventilation is to use ventilation system equipment

Fresh air system ventilation equipment - to force fresh air into the room and promote indoor air circulation. The fresh air system can not only replace the outdoor and indoor air when the window is closed, but also filter out the pollutants in the outside air. The air entering the room is clean and dust-free, and the room environment can be greatly improved.

Ventilation system equipment,Vtronic

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