Silent duct fan solves noise problems

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How to solve the noise problem of the fresh air system

 There are two main noise sources in the fresh air system, one is the noise of the fresh air main engine itself, and the other is the noise after the main engine and ducts are installed. As for the noise of the host itself, the common new fan in China is a silent fan with sound-absorbing material, which greatly reduces the noise. Many companies use silent fresh air main engines. In some special cases, mute equipment should be installed after installing the host to ensure extremely low final noise. The main engine installed with fresh air has two main noise sources: A, the noise generated by the operation of the main engine fan and the vibration of the main engine. B, the influence of the return air flow and the noise generated by the friction tube and the tuyere.

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How to mute the Silent duct fan?

In addition to the mute design of the host itself, the mute of the fresh air system mainly depends on its installation method. If the installation is reasonable, there is basically no noise. On how to reduce system noise during installation, we will take the new duct fan as an example to introduce in detail:

The power supply for replacing indoor and outdoor air and sucking in outdoor air is a fresh air main engine. A fan motor is installed inside the fresh air main engine. The air is driven by the rotation of the fan to form an air flow. The main engine of the fresh air is the main noise source of the fresh air system. When the rotating sound of the fan motor and the airflow sound are superimposed, a certain amount of noise will be generated. In order not to affect the normal work and rest activities of indoor personnel, the fresh air host should be installed far away from work and rest areas, such as the ceiling of storage rooms and toilets, so as to effectively reduce the impact of noise.

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Energy-saving silent duct fan

The equipment uses shock absorbers and soundproof cotton.

Since the equipment may vibrate, the boom of the main engine is actually very fragile. In theory, it is best to use a shock-absorbing sling, and then place glass sound insulation wool under the main engine to isolate it. If the ceiling is not effective enough, you can stick sound-absorbing materials under indoor conditions. Reduce the noise caused by resonance or motor operation during equipment operation, and provide a quiet and comfortable fresh air system.

The fresh air system chooses the air distribution and ventilation system reasonably, and the advantages of installing special air distribution and ventilation fresh air are as follows:

1. Reduce dynamic pressure, increase static pressure, stabilize air flow, and reduce air flow vibration. The air volume is evenly distributed.

2. The air distribution ventilation system adopts a special air duct design, which can balance the air output of the air outlet and reduce the noise of the air outlet.

3. According to different areas, adjust the air volume through the air volume control valve of the air distribution box to ensure that the wind speed at the air outlet will not be too high.

Whole house fresh air system

Reasonable use of muffler

In order to select large-scale equipment and equipment with high static pressure, you can consider using a special muffler to inhale fresh air during the installation process. The muffler tube is made of metal, PVC and other materials, and is mainly composed of a multilayer structure. The sound-absorbing pipe is equipped with sound-absorbing materials, which can reduce the noise of the equipment main pipe, and the noise will not be transmitted to the end tuyere along with the pipe.

The pipeline is connected to the fresh air main engine

When the fresh air system works, it will produce certain vibrations and vibrations, as well as certain noises. If the vibration of the main engine of the fresh air is transmitted to the pipeline, causing the pipeline to vibrate, it is easy to generate noise. In order to prevent the pipe from being affected by vibration, it is impossible to connect the hard pipe directly to the fresh air main unit. The connection between the fresh air host and the pipeline should be a hose connection, which can be buffered!

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