The role of fresh air system installed in the office

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The office is a place where people gather. It is natural to deliver fresh and clean air. Therefore, the office fresh air system is especially important.

First of all, we need to understand what a "fresh air system" is. It is an independent air treatment system composed of a supply air system and an exhaust air system. In simple terms, it is to introduce purified outdoor air into the room through a new fan, and then the indoor The polluted air is discharged.

Office fresh air

What are its different functions?

1. The fresh air system reduces the concentration of formaldehyde

Whether it is a newly renovated office or an office that has been working for a long time, formaldehyde will be emitted at all times. The deepest experience is that when you open the door of the office every day, there will be a "peculiar smell", which makes the office particularly boring. This is because after work is closed. The indoor formaldehyde is not discharged, and it stays indoors. Installed with a fresh air system, the indoor formaldehyde can be discharged in time within 24 hours, and fresh air can be introduced to reduce the concentration of formaldehyde, prevent employees from inhaling harmful air, and help protect their health.

2. The fresh air system filters outdoor dust

The acceleration of urbanization has already affected the air quality, especially the houses on the roadside and construction sites, the large amount of PM10 and PM2.5 particles emitted on roads and construction sites, appearing in the form of dust, automobile exhaust emissions, etc., invade indoors through windows , The furnishings in the house will be covered with dust without wiping the table for two days. Some office rooms are far away from the windows and cannot get fresh and clean air directly. They are stuffy; some factory areas will bring a lot of dust. The fresh air system effectively filters the outdoor air to ensure that the air entering the room is clean.

fresh air system

3. Fresh air system filtration and purification

The filtering function is mainly to prevent dust, haze, bacteria and other particles from entering the room through different levels of filters to ensure clean and fresh indoor air.

4. The fresh air system introduces fresh air

The fresh air system can continuously provide fresh air indoors, 24 hours a day, continuously provide fresh air indoors, one-time investment, long-term use.

These functions are only part of the fresh air system, and there are many more functions, and you need to use them to know the effect.

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