EC duct fan solves family breathing problem

2020-11-26 10:11:39 16

At the moment of epidemic situation, EC pipe fan solves the problem of family breathing.

Due to the outbreak of new coronavirus in a large area this year, many enterprises and industries are in a state of suspension, which also makes people's lives more aware of the important impact of the fresh air industry.

Before the outbreak, only fresh air supporting products of central air conditioning increased the use of commercial places. Although the haze has contributed to the development of new industry wind in the domestic market, there is no scale and no national consensus. At that time, the application of fresh air system in public domain was more in kindergartens, schools and hospitals. This is because the resistance of the population in these areas is relatively weak, especially in haze weather attacks are more prone to discomfort. In addition, it is used under certain conditions, and the status in the family is conscious.

This epidemic has made the socialist public regard "breathing", which we usually do not pay much attention to, as a top priority. In this epidemic prevention and control, people's awareness of "healthy breathing" can be continuously strengthened, and the role of fresh air purification technology products has been widely recognized. These problems have created opportunities for the further improvement and development of students of fresh air purification accounting industry. People begin to realize the importance of indoor air health gradually. How to control indoor air humidity, indoor ventilation frequency and how to realize urban air purification have become one of the topics to meet people's daily life.

As the saying goes, to distinguish the quality of high-tech products, the key is its configuration. This also applies to the purchase of fresh air. As an important part of the fresh air system, the performance of the fan not only determines the overall performance of the product, but also greatly extends the service life of the fresh air system and improves customer satisfaction. As the "heart" of fresh air products, fans undertake the important mission of conveying fresh air and eliminating waste gas, but the noise and energy consumption will greatly affect the user experience.

Shenzhen Weiwu EC fan is a brushless DC maintenance free fan with built-in intelligent control module. Our product has a variety of signal output interface, with high intelligence, high energy saving, high efficiency, long life, low vibration, low noise and continuous working characteristics, is a high-tech advanced fan.

Duct fan

The EC fan has the advantages of AC and DC fans, and is combined with the design of the outer rotor to simplify the structure of the motor of the product and increase the stability and life. The compact structure significantly reduces the size of the main unit. Whether it is air purifier or fresh air unit, the capacity is no longer bloated, and even becomes a part of many products, which has been promoted to home decoration.

According to statistics, in some special cases, the concentration of indoor pollutants may be several times that of outdoor. Therefore, it is one of the methods to maintain indoor air cleanliness to keep the fresh air system equipment normally open. In the 24-hour uninterrupted operation process, in addition to the durability of the fan is a kind of test, as the research mainly includes electrical components, the energy consumption of the fan is also one of the factors that enterprise users consider. Our EC fan has low loss and high efficiency. In the middle level of a product technology application, the power consumption is as low as 1 degree for four consecutive days.

In addition, the noise level is also very important when the product is used indoors. EC fan, in noise reduction obvious advantage, compared with ordinary fan, at the same time make the air fresh without noise problem.

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