Answers to questions about fresh air system knowledge (2)

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6. Can a central dust collector be used in the fresh air system room?

If you like, the central vacuum device can also be used in the fresh air system room. There is no need to turn off the fresh air system during the operation of the central dust collector, because:

  • The air volume of dust collection is not as large as that of range hood;

  • Dust will not be sucked for two hours (and the range hood is likely to run continuously for two hours), generally for a short time.

Of course, the baffle of the central dust collector must be tight and heat preservation.

fresh air system room

7. Can mineral fiber muffler be used?

This problem has been studied in damstadt's first outdoor air system room. There are acoustic silencers filled with rock wool and not wrapped in aluminum foil. The ecological environment laboratory in Cologne has tested the fiber concentration of indoor air and fresh air from the fresh air system. The result is: in all the test items, only one fiber was found in the outlet fresh air once. It's definitely not from the muffler. The concentration of rock wool fiber in outdoor air is much higher (10 ~ 30 pieces / m3). The reason is that the microfilter of the fresh air system filters out the fiber, which can filter 95 ~ 98%. In addition, modern mineral fiber materials are non carcinogenic in terms of safety probability, because they will soon melt in body fluids (they are different from asbestos fiber). If you are still not at ease, you can also use mufflers without mineral fiber, which will be more expensive.

8. Does the room with fresh air system need no heating at all?

In the room with fresh air system, the traditional heating system with heating boiler, heating pipe network and radiator can be omitted: if someone is unwilling to abandon these equipment, they can also spend money to install them. The remaining heating demand of the fresh air system room (75% lower than the low energy consumption room of enev2007 and 90% lower than the ordinary existing buildings in the Federal Republic of Germany) can be supplemented by the existing fresh air system. Heating coil or heat pump can be used here. The heating coil power of 100 m2 housing is about 1000W, similar to that of a hair dryer. Generally, there are radiators in the bathroom, which are used to temporarily raise the temperature of the bath.

9. Does the fresh air system house need to adopt a specific energy supply scheme?

All kinds of energy carriers and equipment forms can be used in the fresh air system room. Many new air system housing projects have proved that it has a very wide range of applications: district heating, central heating, condensing boiler, compact heat pump heating device, liquefied gas heater, wood boiler, oil furnace, etc.

10. Is it possible to burn fireplace in the room with fresh air system?

The open fireplace is not allowed to be used in the room with fresh air system and good air tightness. Of course, if the fireplace door is closed, such as glass door isolation, and the fireplace masonry is air tight, and there is an independent combustion air supply, then such fireplace can be operated. To be more specific, the combustion air supply of the fireplace must have an independent air supply outlet, completely isolated from the indoor air. The air supply outlet must be absolutely sealed. Fireplaces with independent combustion air supply are now available on the market.

11. How does the outdoor air system house perform when the extreme cold current comes?

The simulation and practice show that the fresh air system room reacts very slowly to the cold current due to the very good thermal insulation. Even if a fresh air system room stops heating, it will take several days to feel the temperature drop in the room. In Central Europe, the cold current is usually accompanied by a clear sky, which increases the share of passive solar heat gain. Therefore, even when the extreme cold current comes, the fresh air system room will not cool down completely. Moreover, this kind of cold current generally lasts for a few days.

12. How high is the energy consumption of heat recovery comfortable fresh air system?

The power of fresh air unit is limited to about 50W per house. That is to say, you save ten times as much heating energy as electricity. In addition, there is almost no noise in the operation of fresh air system. Residents are generally very satisfied with the fresh air units.

13. Is the use of gas for fresh air auxiliary heating more environmentally friendly than electricity?

Including transportation energy consumption, the primary energy coefficient of LPG is much smaller than that of electric power production. Of course, if you only apply for gas access for auxiliary heating, the investment cost will be too high. In this case, it is only appropriate to apply for a common gas access in a townhouse or multi household building. In the fresh air system room, the use of gas-fired auxiliary heating can choose the camper solution. When the heat pump is used, the high primary energy coefficient of electric energy is smoothed out.

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