Central air conditioning and fresh air system

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Many people have doubts about the functions of central air conditioning and fresh air system. The two have a lot in common: the air outlets are concealed at the top of the room. Its core functions are related to indoor air... So what's the difference between them? Starting from the core function, this paper interprets this problem for you.

Core function difference: temperature regulation vs fresh air exchange

Central air conditioning: indoor temperature regulation, the core function is to adjust the indoor temperature, the concept of which corresponds to the household "split air conditioning".

Advantages: high comfort, good energy saving effect and strong integrity. The central air conditioner adopts the design of one outdoor unit + multiple indoor units, which can easily realize the temperature balance of each room in the whole house. The product has strong integrity, beautiful installation and better energy saving effect; For large multi room users, central air conditioning is the best choice to adjust the indoor temperature.

The air return outlet cannot exchange with the indoor air

However, the function of the central air conditioning is limited to the adjustment of the indoor temperature. Although it also has a return air outlet, it can not exchange with the indoor air; If you want to achieve the effect of indoor and outdoor air circulation without windows, you need the intervention of fresh air system.

Fresh air system: indoor and outdoor air replacement, the core function is indoor and outdoor air replacement and convection, we often need to close the doors and windows when opening the air conditioning, in the closed space is prone to the accumulation of carbon dioxide concentration and lack of oxygen concentration and other problems, and the fresh air system is the best choice to solve this problem.

Core function display of fresh air system

In fact, in most parts of Europe, the fresh air system has become the standard of housing. In 2000, the European Union unified the residential ventilation standards, and the fresh air system has become an inevitable choice for buildings. Compared with the natural ventilation, the fresh air system has larger air exchange capacity, ventilation with in and out, scientific, reasonable and orderly air distribution, and better ventilation effect.

Penetration rate of fresh air system in different countries

In addition, most of the fresh air systems on the market are equipped with air purification function, which can not only realize the indoor and outdoor air circulation, but also intercept and absorb the pollutants in the outdoor air, effectively improve the indoor air quality and kill two birds with one stone.

Although central air conditioning and fresh air system solve indoor air related problems, their core demands are quite different. For users, the functions of both are crucial and irreplaceable.

For the selection and installation of the two, I will help you through three common questions and answers:

① Is central air conditioning suitable for my home?

A: central air conditioning is not suitable for all families. For users with super small size (< 40 m2) or low floor height (< 2.6m), I do not recommend the installation of central air-conditioning, because a three piece air-conditioning cabinet is enough to meet the heating and cooling needs of the whole house, and the installation of central air-conditioning will appear too oppressive.

In addition, the central air conditioning adopts embedded installation, which is generally designed and constructed simultaneously with the decoration. Drilling, drilling and laying pipelines are necessary steps. If your home has just been decorated, there is no need to install the central air conditioning.

② Is it necessary to install fresh air system when central air conditioning is installed at home?

A: it is necessary. The central air conditioning only solves the problem of indoor temperature adjustment, and it does not have the function of ventilation; The fresh air system can ensure the air quality in the confined space and provide clean and fresh air for users at any time. Its purification module can provide certain air purification effect at the same time. The two complement each other to ensure the comfort and health of the indoor environment.

③ What kind of fresh air system is suitable for my home?

A: the fresh air system is divided into two categories: piped fresh air and non piped fresh air, and its applicable population also has distinct characteristics.

The same as the central air conditioning, the duct type fresh air also needs to be designed and planned before the decoration, and its installation is carried out simultaneously with the house decoration. After the installation, the duct adopts the hidden design, which will not damage the interior decoration style; This kind of fresh air system is suitable for users who plan or are in the process of decoration.

The installation of vtronic non pipe fresh air system is relatively simple. It is only necessary to open the air vent hole on the wall, and then fix the machine on the wall. The installation is convenient and small. It is a good compensation scheme for the users who fail to install the pipeline fresh air system during decoration.

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