The office must install a fresh air system

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       Recently, the weather in Shenzhen has suddenly become cold, causing many people to sleep at night without paying attention. Suddenly, they have caught a cold, and now the air quality problem is easily spread to others. Xiaobian has a friend who works at Company N because a colleague A of the company has caught a cold, and this colleague A is sitting at a position less than one meter away from him. In less than three days, Xiaobian’s friends also caught a cold. Two days later, the girl B behind the friend of Xiaobian also dared to catch a cold. Behind this girl B is the company has a lot of right to speak, went to the boss's office to take the air purifier out and put it aside, trying to purify the indoor air, so as not to spread the pole, cold to other colleagues, but passed Two or three days later, the same, the copy C next to the girl B also caught a cold, hehehe....... Why is this?

       A passed the cold to Xiaobian friends: because the weather suddenly became cold, the office would turn off all the windows, causing the indoor air to not circulate, because A had a cold, and was close to Xiaobian friends. I saw the weather daily newspaper, Shenzhen At present, the pm2.5 content index in the air sometimes reaches 29, and when A coughs and nose drops, the virus will be attached to the air pm2.5 particles mixed in the air and sucked in by the Xiaobian friends, even if Strong body physique, time will be long, but not to mention three days, in the same way, Xiaobian's friends passed the cold to B.

       B passed the cold to C: Even if B is behind, the blind sheep will make up for it, and want to use the air purifier to intercept the spread of the virus, but the practice proves that it is not good, and finally the thing that worried B is still happening - next to B The copy C also caught a cold. Because the air purifier used by B is filtering the pm2.5 particles through a filter in a huge "ocean" containing pm2.5, think about it, such a small air purifier can purify the indoor air so quickly. Pm2.5 granules?

       In fact, in a very early time, the salesman of Shenzhen Vtronic Technology recommended the wall-mounted  fan to their company's responsible person, because they run the company is 40 square meters, and Wei Chuangli's wall-mounted new fan is just right for them, if you install two at once That's okay, but the head of their company is stingy and feels unnecessary. At this time, because of the spread of the cold, many employees have taken time off, and it is not worth the loss.

fresh air system


        Why can you evolve the air in the room by installing a fresh air system?

       Because the fresh air system allows the air to be put into the room after the air is purified before entering the room, the purification rate is as high as 99.8%, which is enough to ensure that the indoor air is almost free of pm2.5 particles. This is the power of the fresh air system!

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