What are the advantages of Vtronic wall-mounted new fan?

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1, wall-mounted fan is simple to install, more suitable for renovated houses

According to Xiaobian, the wall-mounted fresh air does not need to be hung on the ceiling of the room (or installed in the underground air supply), because there is no need to transport the air through the pipeline, which will not affect the decoration structure of the existing large room, and the installation is relatively simple ( Just need to punch holes in the outer wall). If it is a new renovation stage, I think it is more appropriate to choose the central fresh air, but the overall cost will be more expensive; because we must choose a better layout ventilation duct, and the design and construction unit must be professional and serious, so the labor costs It is more expensive.

Wall-mounted fan

2. Wall-mounted fan purification function is selected on demand

Initially, the use of wall-mounted fans is to purify indoor air to ensure that the indoor carbon dioxide concentration does not exceed the standard or to ensure the oxygen content under the main conditions. Nowadays, in order to improve the level of the filtration system, due to frequent smoke outside, severe outdoor air smog, and serious indoor formaldehyde and benzene pollution. Now, some products can reach the F9's fresh air filtration level. However, this filtering function only processes PM2.5 in fresh air system introduced from the outside. As for the other cracks in the door or window through which PM2.5 passes, many people think that it is impossible to handle it through the fresh air system. Here, Xiaobian believes that there are two ways:

1) Combination of fresh air system and air purifier: In addition to installing a fresh air system to purify indoor air, the indoor air purifier is used to purify indoor air. Currently, air purifiers are becoming more and more popular. Many people have used air purifiers at home before installing fresh air. Therefore, there is no need to solve the problem of purchasing a purifier when installing fresh air. The combination of air purifiers not only ensures the supply of fresh air, but also better cleans the indoor PM2.5.

2) Indoor and outdoor pressure difference function: Now the new generation of wall-mounted fresh air or central new air blower has positive pressure control function, that is, the indoor air pressure can be adjusted to be slightly higher than the outdoor air, so it is difficult for outdoor dirty air to blow through the window. Whether or not a positive pressure can be formed in your home is not only related to the positive pressure capability of the fresh air system, but also related to the door and window structure of the room and the temperature difference between the inside and the outside.

3. Understand how the heat exchange function of wall-mounted fresh air works.

Heat exchange is an issue that is easily overlooked because we are more concerned about carcinogenic PM2.5. Here, Xiaobian uses three points to explain to you:

1) Heat exchange is the object of energy conservation. Each of us can reduce some energy waste. If we put the coal together, we can reduce the burning. It is also a small power that indirectly reduces smoke.

2) Heat exchange, especially full heat exchange, should have high indoor comfort. No window opening in summer, no air conditioning disease, warm fresh air in winter, responsible for the family.

3) In the south, wall-mounted fresh air is still used cautiously for heat exchange, which is more troublesome due to a series of problems caused by summer condensate. The fresh air on the wall must be very hot. To distinguish whether the wall-mounted fresh air is full or sensible, you can check the manufacturer's technical data sheet. If two different indicators of total heat recovery efficiency and latent heat recovery efficiency are indicated, it is total heat. If usually only one heat exchange efficiency is marked, or the nominal heat exchange motion is made of metal, it is usually only a heat engine.

Wall-mounted fan VT-260S

From a development perspective, because there are more renovated homes than newly renovated homes, the owners of these homes usually buy air purifiers as a first step in dealing with these environmental problems, and then after using them for some time, they will find air purifiers. Ventilation and ventilation problems cannot be solved, and there is concern about insufficient oxygen in the room, an increase in carbon dioxide concentration, and the inflow of dirty air when the window is opened in a foggy day. Therefore, in the second step, many people will start buying wall-mounted fresh air products to further improve home air quality.

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