Product introduction 1. Radio frequency remote control The receiving distance is far and the receiving signal is stable. 2. Wireless control Wireless remote control fan, get rid of

  • Model: 86

Product introduction

 1. Radio frequency remote control

 The receiving distance is far and the receiving signal is stable.

 2. Wireless control

 Wireless remote control fan, get rid of space restrictions;  With more than one area,

 A remote control controls multiple typhoons simultaneously, which is convenient.

 3. Installation features

 Convenient installation, 86 boxes of standard slots and strong interchangeability.

 4. Intelligent control

 Built - in temperature and humidity sensor can automatically control the fan by sensing indoor temperature and humidity.

 5. Timing switch

 Built - in timing function, time switch machine.

 6. Delay closing

 For special places such as toilets, the built-in time delay function can delay the closing of the fan.

Product parameter
Model vt - 86
Product Type Intelligent Wireless Control
Dimensions ( mm ) 86 mm x86 mm
Body material ABS and PP
Control mode intelligent control
Rated voltage 220 - 240 V
Function timing switch, delay function, temperature and humidity sensing, wireless control

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